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Spooky Halloween Party Music

Updated on September 19, 2014

Scarey But Fun Lovin'

Who Wants To Party?
Who Wants To Party?

Kooky and Spooky

Gothic Horror
Gothic Horror
Classic Horror
Classic Horror
Rocky Horror - Alice Style
Rocky Horror - Alice Style

Ghost Busters

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts
I've been slimed.
I've been slimed.

Party Music in the Halloween Vein

One of my most favorite types of genera music is Halloween music. This music category is loose. Some songs are intentionally recorded to sound scarey. Some are for movies, plays or TV soundtracks and are not strictly tied into the Halloween holiday.

Nevertheless they end up on playlists of spooky music. And there are tons of songs that can be considered spooky, spooky but fun, or even horrifying. I want to put together a list of songs I like that would be suitable for a nice good old fashioned Halloween party.

There were so many songs to choose from but I also wanted to pick some that you may not have thought about. I'm actually going to break this list down into sub groups so it makes it easier to understand.

Let's start with TV theme songs:

  1. Epilogue/Dark Shadows - Robert Cobert Orchestra. Closing theme (the epilogue is narrated by Jonathan Barnabas Collins Frid and shifts into the eerie theme song. What a great device.)
  2. Wierd - Harry Lubin and . . .
  3. Fear - Harry Lubin. Both these 2 songs were from One Step Beyond and both are equally eerie and beautiful at the same time
  4. The Munsters Theme. The original track is best and fun for a party. Wait til you hear my new version.
  5. The Addams Family Theme. One song everyone knows the words to. Thank You Thing.
  6. Outer Limits opening track and ending theme. Pretty scarey.
  7. Perry Mason Theme. I always found this song scarey and if you disassociate the music from Raymond Burr it is pretty spooky.
  8. The Original theme from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone

How About some Movie Soundtracks? There's plenty from Danny Elfman, Alfred Hitchcock, and Henry Mancini's "Terror By Midnight" etc. But take a look at this:

  1. The Chase Theme from Planet of the Apes
  2. Opening Theme to 7th Voyage of Sinbad
  3. Swan Lake from the original "The Mummy" with Boris Karloff. Very eerie.
  4. Theme from Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Don Knotts has the best face for fear!
  5. Ghostbusters sung by Ray Parker Jr. Fun, party song "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"

In the world of rock, we have our share of spooky music. I find Metallica scarey.Let's look at some particular and obscure tunes that you can dance to, or freak others out with.

  1. Living Sin - Emerson Lake and Palmer. Sort of scarey, like the Devil.
  2. The Devil - Tears For Fears. This one is haunting in its own way
  3. Old Man Willow - Elephants Memory. I play this every Halloween. Beautifully sung with horror overtones set to jazz..
  4. Belda Beast- Iron Butterfly. Obscure, odd and somewhat edgy
  5. Welcome To My Nightmare - Alice Cooper and also add The Black Widow with our friend Vincent Price - master of macabre.
  6. Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group. Cool song that elicits images of the monster
  7. Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult. This song rocks and so does the beast
  8. No Quarter - Led Zeppelin. Scarey tune musically evoking a fear of what if Viking invaders destroyed your quaint British town
  9. Purple People Eater - Party song going way back
  10. Farmhouse Manor Tragedy - Teknogeek Goonsquad. Obscure but perfect musical setting for a haunted house.
  11. Attack of the 50 Foot Woman - Tubes. Sung with fear in his voice, Fe Waybil delivers a song better than the movie. A 50 foot woman in a 5 foot dress - BOO!
  12. Hip Death Goddess - Steve Farmer and Kim Pendleton. Obscure and frightening, with a groove. Takes you back to the reign of Edward the 3rd.
  13. Lucky 13 is The Monster Mash by Bobby Boris Picket. It's a graveyard smash.

There are more songs out there and I am sure you've got your own list. I think these songs would go great when you are giving out candy to the little goblins ringing your door bell. And you can dance to most of them, tell jokes and eat a giant pizza, or even bob for apples.

And when people talk about you, they''ll say you're "kooky and spooky".

Grab A Broomstick


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  • Rob Lattin profile imageAUTHOR

    Rob Lattin 

    5 years ago from Born in Chicago, now I'm in Mostly Michigan

    I find spooky music similar to Christmas music. Both seasonal, yes, but both are timeless. Most of us listen to horror music only around halloween. However, us diehard fans love hearing it all year long.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Great list! I've been working on some Halloween music myself. Check it out if you get a chance at

  • Rob Lattin profile imageAUTHOR

    Rob Lattin 

    10 years ago from Born in Chicago, now I'm in Mostly Michigan

    Thanks for the comment - you've got great taste! I couldn't think of the composer's name when I wrote this Hub but it was Bernard Hermann who wrote the music for the 7th Voyage of Sinbad among other great themes and soundtracks.

  • mdferndog profile image


    10 years ago

    Awesome list - great job


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