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Great Ideas for a Star Wars Party Theme

Updated on February 5, 2017

Planning your Theme

I used to think that Star Wars was a movie from my childhood days - well some things never lose their popularity. In fact, Star Wars is an even bigger hit these days than when I was a kid. My six year old son requested a Star Wars party theme for his birthday. I want to give credit where it is due - many of my ideas come from other people and I will link you to their pages as they were a great help to me in my planning.

  • Invitations - I found a picture of Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi. Then I added text to my picture using a photo-editing program called Photoscape which you can download for free.
  • Party Cake - you can find the instructions on how to bake a themed cake on my hub Star Wars Party Cake.
  • Party food. We made up names and labelled different foods - we had the following food:
  1. Yoda Soda (I used fruit juice mixed with lemonade but Mountain Dew works well too)
  2. Sausage Sabres (Cocktail sausages) with BBQ and Tomato Sauce dipping sauces
  3. Ewok Rolls (Sausage Rolls)
  4. Wookie Cookies (Yummy chocolate cookies)
  5. Luke's Lollies ( Various lollies)
  6. Padme's Popcorn
  7. Cheesy Spaceballs (Cheese ball chips)
  8. Princess Leia's lollipops

Fun Express Bulk FX Educational Products Big Bubble Wand Assortment (1 Dozen), 14"
Fun Express Bulk FX Educational Products Big Bubble Wand Assortment (1 Dozen), 14"

Bubble wands that make huge bubbles. Great for parties, great for fun.


Entertainment and Games

Children enjoy games and activities and nowadays many children don't get to have a good old-fashioned party with games any more as planned parties at venues seem to be the latest norm. These type of parties are not only very expensive but also so predicatable. Give your child a unique party at home - I guarantee the kids will love it. Here are some activities that we did:

  • Light Sabres - each child was given a "light sabre". These were obviously not real light sabres as they are costly - I found some bubble swords in blue and green (see the link above) - the birthday boy had purple. The bubble swords were made of hard plastic and durable enough to last the party. It also gave the boys the opportunity to play with the bubbles before they used them as light sabres which kept them busy for a while. Other ideas for light sabres could be to use a pool noodle cut in half with duct tape on the end as a handle. We decided against this as the kids at our party were between 5-6yrs and the noodles were a little too thick to hold. Receiving the bubble swords was a great treat for each child. They had great fun "fighting" each other. We had 10 blue light sabres and only 3 special Yoda green light sabres. We drew names out of a hat as a lucky draw to see who would get a Yoda light sabre. This made it exciting for the kids.
  • Bubble blowing contest - If you use bubble swords as your light sabres, hold a bubble blowing contest to see who can make the biggest, the most etc.
  • Jedi Training Academy - play Simon Says by pretending they are training as Jedi's with their light sabres. Set up an obstacle course that they have to complete to get their Jedi status and light sabres - some ideas are: climbing over and under objects, bouncing a ball or hitting a ball a certain number of times, balancing an object for a set time, finding hidden objects from clues, balancing across something or on one foot etcetera. Present them with Jedi badges or certificates and their light sabres when you are done.
  • Treasure hunt - This can be another way of finding their light sabres.
  • Dress Up - this is the perfect party theme to dress up if your child is enthusiastic.
  • Darth Vader Dodgeball - Play a game of dodge ball and let Darth Vader be the mean character trying to hit kids with a soft ball. The caught people become storm troopers who help him. Kids will love to have a turn as Darth Vader.
  • Pinata fun - Use a home made light sabre of rolled up newspaper to hit a star pinata.
  • We had the Lego star wars Movie playing as it was a horrible day -this helped children settle while others arrived. Another idea would be to have Star Wars Colouring pages printed out for children to do when they first arrive.
  • Han Solo Statues - This is just Musical statues with another name.
  • Pin The Light Sabre on Yoda - draw a picture of Yoda on a large sheet of paper holding a light sabre. Each child is given their own light sabre cut-out and has to pin it in the right place. Another alternative would be "Pin the nose on The Wookie."
  • Darth Vader - get someone in your family to dress as Darth Vader - the kids love fighting him and protecting the galaxy from evil.
  • Design your own Jedi cloak - Jedis out of cheap fabric (I was too busy making this incredible Star Wars cake to find time to make cloaks, but it's a great idea).
  • Pod racing - Make teams and have races - either on foot or on scooters, bikes etcetera.


Star Wars Party Theme

Star Wars The Force Awakens Deluxe Party Decorating Kit
Star Wars The Force Awakens Deluxe Party Decorating Kit

Star Wars Party decoration kit - great for a themed party or Halloween.


Party Packs and Prizes

Our party packs were also very simple. I don't believe in overloading them with too many treats as the children eat plenty of treat food during the party. They had a lollipop, a small chocolate bar and a packet of sherbet. I put a glow bracelet in each packet too.The prizes I chose for the games were also budget friendly and simple but the boys loved them. I found Glow swords ( about 20cm long so not dangerous) and these were a huge hit. It seems that anything that glows is popular.

The website I found helpful for a number of ideas was:

Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Enjoy the party!


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    • Caro Hemingway profile image

      Caro Hemingway 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks Partypail,

      It was a fun party all round.

    • partypail profile image

      PartyPail 5 years ago from

      You're right Caro, I think Star Wars will always be popular to some degree. What a fun birthday party theme!I really like how you named your menu items after Star Wars characters. It sounds like those bubble wands made great light sabres too!