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Star Wars Birthday Cake

Updated on February 5, 2017
Star Wars Cake
Star Wars Cake | Source

A Star Wars Party Cake

Star Wars is one theme that has not faded with the passing years- rather it has stood the test of time and children today are as enamored with the characters today as we were when I was growing up. It is a great party theme for little boys - read my hub Star Wars Party Theme to give you more ideas.

I always make an effort to bake my children's birthday cakes myself and my son wanted a Star Wars cake for his 6th birthday. I could have opted for a simple light sabre cake, but I am the kind of person who loves a challenge so of course I had to try something a little more detailed and difficult. It turns out that this was simpler than I imagined although it did take some time to mould the figurines.

  • The basic cake was a very simple round butter cake.
  • I chose to make some ready -made icing figures to sit on top of my cake. The icing I call "ready-to-roll" is simply the pre-made store bought smooth ready-made white icing that can be rolled out with a rolling pin.

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Step-by-Step Kids' Birthday Cakes
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Butter Cake Ingredients

  • 260 grams butter, creamed till soft
  • 2 cups castor sugar, mixed into soft butter
  • 4 eggs, beat each egg into mixture separately till creamy
  • 4 teaspoons vanilla essence
  • 4 cups self-raising flour, Mix into creamed mixture, alternating with milk
  • 1 and 1/3 cup milk, Slowly add milk to batter

Mix all together - this will make one large cake and fits into a 25 cm spring form tin.

Bake at 180 degrees Fahrenheit until cake is firm to the touch. Allow to cool a little before releasing from tin.

One of the best tips I learned for icing a cake with butter icing is to pop it into the freezer for a while. That way the crumbs don't stick to the frosting when you ice. However this is not the perfect world and so naturally I had no time to do this myself. Give yourself at least a day in advance to make your icing figures - it is fiddly work and time consuming. I made my figures in one morning but did it the day before the party.

To make figures

  • Remove your icing from the package and follow instructions to soften it. You want it to be pliable but not too soft. Mine was very hard when it came out of the packaging so I put it in the microwave for 15 seconds. It should then become easy to use.
  • Have icing sugar on hand to dust it should it become too sticky.
  • Colour small balls of icing - I decided which characters to use and then coloured my icing accordingly. To colour drop one drop of colouring onto your icing. This is messy but cannot be helped unless you have plastic gloves. Mix the colouring into the icing until it is well blended. Don't worry if the colour is too light - you can always paint it at the end.

  • Mould your characters - I used toothpicks to hold the heads to the bodies. I have no set instructions on how to do this - it is simply creative copying - I copied my characters from pictures I saw. Persevere as it is worth the effort as you see the characters emerge from the icing.
  • Do not make Yoda or Darth Vader's cloaks until their bodies are set hard as it will cause them to fall over. I could not get my icing black enough for Darth Vader, so again I painted the character with black food colouring once it had set a bit. Give colours time to dry before you place them on your cake - you don't want it dripping on your perfectly iced cake.

  • When it is time to ice the cake it is a good idea to cover it with a thin layer of butter icing first so that the ready made icing will stick.
  • If you choose to use butter icing on your cake, that is fine too.
  • I chose to colour my icing blue for the cake - you can choose any colour you like.
  • Roll out the icing into a big flat circle. Make sure it doesn't stick by using icing sugar to dust your surface. Smooth out any bumps. Carefully lift it (two pairs of hands are better here than one) and place it on your cake.
  • Smooth it flat and remove any icing sugar that is sticking to it.
  • Take a sharp knife and cut around the cake at the bottom. Tuck in neatly at the bottom and shine it with clean hand.
  • Now you are ready to decorate. I cut out icing stars and my son's name in yellow icing. I also made two light sabres to cross on the cake. I got my figures to stand on the cake by inserting a wooden skewer into the cake and standing the figure on top of it.

The children loved the finished product - it was a real hit - I even got great compliments from some very impressed Mums.


© 2012 Caroline


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