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Super Bowl XLVIII False Flag Event

Updated on January 28, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII

Will this event go down in history as the greatest American tragedy of All time?
Will this event go down in history as the greatest American tragedy of All time? | Source

Super Bowl Sunday

This article Super Bowl XLVIII False Flag Event was written as a way to change the course of history, pure and simple. If enough people become aware of the anonymous letter sent to Before Its News detailing how The Powers That Be intend to use perhaps the greatest media event in human history to stage and conduct an evil false flag operation, that will make the tragic events of 9/11 pale by comparison, perhaps we can alter their nefarious intentions.

I have often wondered what would happen if terrorist were to use this huge media event to conduct an operation, as it would be seen in over 200 countries world wide. Super Bowl Sunday, as it is called in America, garners the most attention than any other event in the World. An estimated 168.8 MILLION viewers watched at least some portion of the 2012 Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Of course the majority of those viewers (98%) are Americans but still this sporting event has the potential to reach over a BILLION people world wide.

What better way to grab the attention of the world than to stage a terrorist operation on this day, at a site where at least 100,000 people will be gathered in a tightly packed arena. The panic alone from 100,000 people trying to exit a building in which a bomb has exploded or shots are being fired would create pandemonium on an epic scale.

However according to the letter shown below, the bombs that have been planted are merely a means of preventing those in the MetLife Stadium from leaving by positioning them at key exit points. The letter indicates that a poisonousness gas will be used to kill those inside the stadium, starting with those on the field first.

Before reading the letter consider the media coverage that will be provided for this event, the amount of security involved and the publicity such a false flag event will create. Upon pondering all of the considerations involved, it seems like it would be very difficult to carry out such a complex operation without inside help.

This kind of operation would require hundreds if not thousands of people to pull off successfully, there is absolutely no way it could be done without multiple intelligence agencies being involved, right down to local police and security. However one must remember the Boston Marathon Bombings and how many security forces (Blackwater) were right on top of that scene as well and yet it still happened.


The envelop itself doesn't reveal all that much however the upside down flag stamp is an interesting addition.
The envelop itself doesn't reveal all that much however the upside down flag stamp is an interesting addition. | Source

Anonymous Letter (transcription)

This letter offered to BeforeItsNews raises concerns over suspicions by what can only be a worker at the Meadowlands Sports Complex of an impending terrorist attack or false flag event by rogue agents from within our own Government.

While the letter offers no proof, facts or details it does offer some intriguing scenarios that could be accomplished by a highly organized and determined group with military training and expertise.

I for one doubt if any group would have the audacity to make such a bold move against the American people and fail to see the logic behind such a move but the events of 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombing show that these kinds of things do happen, so with that in mind I decided to make my readers at least aware of this letter so that they may decide for themselves the veracity document.

Digital Photo of Transcribed Letter

The entire letter is rather long but I have included the main points of the beginning of the letter.
The entire letter is rather long but I have included the main points of the beginning of the letter. | Source

Veracity of Letter

As you can see from the first part of this letter, the information contained within paints a startling picture, that has eerily similar events unfolding as Sept. 11th, 2001. Obviously for any group to pull this off would require military expertise and training, a concise communications network and significant resources, that would go well beyond most terrorist organizations.

This could only be done with help from within the United States and because of this, it seems highly improbable of an outside network of operatives to accomplish. So that being said trying to convince the public that this was an operation of a foreign terrorist organization seems unlikely.

However America was convinced quite easily that foreign terrorist learned how to fly sophisticated Boeing 767s and maneuver these jets beyond the laws of physics into buildings at a high rate of speed from simply training on lighter smaller aircraft. Also they took the Governments word that a 'fertilizer bomb' could create the kind of damage in Oklahoma City despite what MI-6 (British Intelligence) and American bomb experts said to the contrary so anything is possible, I suppose.

The entire transcript can be read by following this link but because the above digital photo provides the gist of the event itself I created it to provide my reader with an unedited copy, so that they can use it to judge the veracity of the content, first.


Can you imagine the chaos of a terrorist attack at the Super Bowl?
Can you imagine the chaos of a terrorist attack at the Super Bowl? | Source

Setting Up the False Flag Event

Can pre-knowledge of an event change the outcome

Do you believe that becoming aware of this false flag event in advance will change the outcome?

See results


Really bad grammar aside, the letter could have been created by anyone, for any purpose, the least of which would be attention. They certainly seem to hold a grudge against the New Jersey State Police and the NSA but even casting aside such probabilities, the scenario isn't without precedence. Sure, the amount of people involved to pull off a false flag event are numerous but not unprecedented as past fake terrorism events have shown.

The two biggest false flag events in American history, the Oklahoma City Bombing and the events of Sept. 11, 2001 have many similarities to what was outlined in this letter. Both of these events used pre-planted explosive devices to bring down large buildings under the pretense of terrorism.

Regardless of how this letter will affect security, both events had similar warnings before they happened as well. What needs to be considered is that even though both tragedies were obviously false flag events, to this day the majority of Americans remain in denial and still consider them to be exactly as our Government portrayed them to be. This has in affect allowed the true perpetrators of both crimes to remain untouched and able to plan their next false flag event unopposed.

Even though overwhelming evidence to the contrary has been presented for years by a wide variety of experts, professionals and insiders the American people still cling to our Governments version of events, wallowing in their self denial and ignorance.

However all scenarios aside this letter proves nothing and will probable only amount to a troll feeding frenzy.

I'm sure that intelligence agencies get many, many of these letters for large public events and investigate them accordingly. However if indeed this is a factual account of a planned event by nefarious rogue powers within the United States will exposing this plot to the public be enough to prevent these elements from going through with their plans?

I'm still of the belief that change can come through peaceful commitment and action and does not require a violent restructuring of society. However if this scenario were to take place, it could very well push America into a radical and perhaps even violent approach to solving our problems as a nation.

I have spoken to many people in America from all walks of life that have awakened to the true nature of our world, and I can say that the single most important event that motivated them to learn the truth is the events of September 11th, 2001, so perhaps the rest of America needs another tragic event to get them to wake up and smell the corruption, greed and pure evil that really runs the world.

Let's all pray that this letter is a hoax and that Super Bowl XLVIII False Flag Event turns out to be just false providing the opportunity for another great chapter to Broncos history.

© 2014 somethgblue


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