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Ten Suggestions for Your Child's Birthday Party in Middletown NY

Updated on July 27, 2012

10 Places You Can Have Your Kid's Birthday Party in Middletown NY

As a mother to 7 kids, I've attended more birthday parties than the average mom. The following ten suggestions for kid's birthday parties in Middletown NY are personal recommendations. I have to admit, I don't like to have parties at home. I never get to enjoy them running around being a host. For this reason, I find it easier to have my children's parties where everything is taken care of. Since family and friends are so busy, our kid's parties are the few times we can get together. By having the party at one of these places, I enjoy it more. I get to interact with the kids, the guests and create memories that last forever.

To make it easier for you, I've included phone numbers, addresses and websites where applicable. The party suggestions are not listed in any particular order. I just wanted to number them because I like to make lists. It makes it easier on the reader.

1. Monster Mini Golf is located at 88-30 Dunning Farms Plaza (Near Toys "R" Us). They offer mini golf, a small arcade, a pool table, air hockey and a separate party room. They have a DJ on the premises too. Wear white, because they have black lighting and you will glow in the dark! For more information call: 845-342-4653 (No longer in business.)

2. A.C. Moore the craft store offers a party package. The birthday package includes a separate party room and a craft. They are located at 88-27 Dunning Road in Middletown, Their phone number is (845) 344-6090.

3. Michael's craft store also offers a birthday package that includes a separate party room and a craft. They are located at 88-5 Dunning Rd Middletown, NY (845) 343-9900.

4. Chuck E Cheese has an arcade, kiddie rides and air hockey. They are located at 9 Orange Plaza and they're number is (845) 342-5781.

5. Build A Bear has several birthday packages available that depends on the stuffed animal you are allowing your guests to receive. You are provided with a host(ess) for your party. They do not have a separate party room. What most people do is bring their own birthday decorations to make the food court tables look festive. (Come early to get the tables directly outside the store.) They have someone stay at the table to keep watch over it while the party is going on. A few of the food court restaurants offer discounts to Build A Bear parties. You must let them know you have booked a Build A Bear party and order your food in advance. Build A Bear parties are booked exclusively online. (If you don't have computer access at home you can use their computers at the store.) They are located at 1 E Galleria Drive Space B210 in Middletown.

6. Cyber Station parties offer arcade games, air hockey and a separate party room. They are located at 1 E Galleria Drive in Space D2. Their phone is (845) 695-2228.

7. McDonald's located at 113 Dolson Avenue offers kid's parties with a happy meal. They have an outdoor playground which children always love. For more info call: (845) 343-3301.

8. Little Scoops is a 1950s theme ice cream parlor. My kids loved this one, however be prepared for some energy! They are consuming tons of sugar. They are located at 400 Route 211. Their number is (845) 342-2120.

9. Middletown Lanes offers bowling or cosmic bowling at night. It's a great time for older kids. They are located at 13-19 Railroad Ave. Their number is (845) 343-8121.

10. The Party Playhouse offers a resident character, removable tattoos and a host(ess). They are located at 201-I Dolson Ave. All inquiries must be done in person or by email. (No longer in business.)

That's the end of the top 10 places to have your kid's party in Middletown, NY. Feel free to leave your comment or question. Enjoy your party!

This is a picture of Little Scoops, Middletown NY.
This is a picture of Little Scoops, Middletown NY.
Cosmic bowling at Middletown Lanes.
Cosmic bowling at Middletown Lanes.
The three headed monster can be found living at Monster Minigold, Middletown NY.
The three headed monster can be found living at Monster Minigold, Middletown NY.

The Middletown NY kid's party suggestions:

Please be advised that the party options I've suggested are not appropriate for every age group. Use your discretion when choosing a party for your child. Monster Minigolf is a great palce to have a paarty, but toddlers may find it a little frightening. On the other hand, tweens and teens may enjoy it. Chuck E Cheese is a kid favorite, however it may be too juvenile for tweens. Cyber Station may be a better choice, especially if your child is a gamer.

Good luck!

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    • supermom_in_ny profile image

      supermom_in_ny 4 years ago from NY

      @birthdaywishesquo Well, I'm sure he will have a good time at any of these places. Have fun! :)

    • profile image

      Jeremy Rawlings 4 years ago

      I was just discussing the other day how to entertain our nephew.

    • profile image

      Jacob Cascioli 6 years ago

      Here is another place in Middletown as many on the list are no longer open.

    • profile image

      Sue B. 7 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. I tried #9 - bowling at Middletown Lanes. They did a great job, my son and his friends had so much fun and their packages start at under $9 which is really great for the wallet!