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Tennis Gifts - What To Buy For Fans and People Who Play - Buy Online

Updated on April 25, 2012

Kinds Of Tennis Gifts

Tennis gifts can be divided into two categories; tennis gifts for players and tennis gifts for spectators. If the person you are buying for falls into both categories, great, you've got even more choice of what to buy for them.

I used to fall into both categories, but due to a number of factors, I am more just a spectator these days. For my last birthday my other half took me to the Blackrock Masters tennis tournament to see, amongst others, John McEnroe play. The Blackrock Masters takes place at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and plays host to ex players who are no longer active on the ATP tour.

For anyone like me who has been following tennis since I was a child, this event is spectacular. Not only is the venue absolutely stunning, but you get to see favourite players from years gone by competing. The exhibition matches are pretty special too.

The Blackrock Masters is just one tournament in the year long tour that travels the globe. Look out for an ATP Champions event where you are and it will be the equivalent of the Blackrock Masters in London. I highly recommend the experience and as far as tennis gifts go, I couldn't have been happier!

Tennis Gifts For People Who Play

I could go on writing about tennis all day, but it's gifts you're after, right? So here's some ideas:

  • Tennis Clothes - Shorts, Shirts, Skirts, Dresses, Sweatbands, Caps and Visors.
  • Tennis Equipment - Rackets / Racquets, Racquet Covers, Racquet Bags, Racquet Grips, Quality Tennis Balls, Tennis Towel.
  • Tennis Training Aids - Instructional Books / DVDs, Training Equipment.

If you're buying for someone who already plays tennis, they probably already have their own racquet. But could you upgrade them? There's a lot of different factors when it comes to choosing a tennis racquet, so it's best to know which kind the person you are buying for is already using. Chances are that you'll be able to upgrade it.

If buying a racquet seems to risky, then opt for one of the other choices. Buying tennis balls, racquet grips or sweatbands may not seem too exciting as tennis gifts alone, but what if you made a gift basket and put all the little items in a nicely presented way? Then it's really personal and shows that a lot of thought has gone into the gift. There's plenty of choices for what to buy a person who plays tennis.

Tennis Gifts For Tennis Fans

So maybe the person you are buying for doesn't play tennis, but enjoys watching it instead. Or maybe, they do play, but have all the kit and you're looking for something a little different, maybe even quirky. Here's some varied gift ideas for your tennis loving recipient!

  • Tennis Jewelry - Aside from the famous tennis bracelet, there are various charms, pendants and earrings available to buy with a tennis theme.
  • Tennis Homewares - There are a variety of tennis themed homewares such as clocks, mugs, plates, trays etc.
  • Tennis Books and DVDs - There are loads of books about tennis, but maybe choosing the person's favourite player and buying them a gift that is about them.
  • Tennis Memorabilia - There are some great items around, and what could be a more fitting gift for a tennis fan. Memorabilia can be pricey, but is probably the ultimate in tennis gifts.
  • Tennis Games - These are great for tennis fans into gaming. The Wii games get you off the sofa and playing along, without having to be fit to do so. It's actually quite good exercise, so if you play on a regular basis, you could well be upping your fitness levels. The Playstation games are great for the tennis fan who dreams of beating big name players, hey, in Virtua Tennis 3, I've beaten the Williams sisters plus a whole host of other big names, I'm ranked number 1 in the world and I've won every tournament going, including Wimbledon. I don't care that's it's only a game, I've won Wimbledon! Plus you can customise your player so that it looks just like you. Tennis games are great gifts for tennis fans who own games consoles.


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