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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages - Thanksgiving Gobbles of Coloring for Kids

Updated on August 1, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving is the best day in November. November is long and boring, waiting three whole weeks of school until that extra long break for Thanksgiving. What would be more fun for this time then for some Thanksgiving Coloring Pages? Everyone loves piligrams, food, and of course the turkeys! This holiday is overlooked by many who skip strait to Christmas, but why do a thing like that? Right after Halloween day don't put up the stockings, hang up the autumn leaves and why not let the kids color in some decorations to hang around the house. These delightful little print out Thanksgiving Coloring Pages are sure to en-thrill any kid to color there hearts out for this day of discovery.

Some Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Tips *Gobble Gobble*
Some Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Tips *Gobble Gobble*

Keep your kids entertained with these tips.

Wouldn't it be awesome, if only once as a mother or father you could rest your eyes for a few minutes around cooking the turkey and sides? This is easy to accomplish by printing out the thanksgiving pages and making them into a book. A great idea is to create a title page with a colored picture titled something like "Thanksgiving Celebration (Year)" This way, you can have 15-40 pages and they can work on it all of November (or longer). As the years go by you can keep the books and see how they improve - this is specially good if your kid shows interests in Art at all. When I was younger I would love to see how I was improving each year (and not even know you were keeping a record). If you have a kid who really enjoys this, then try to get them to color a sheet or two a day,  the kids will improve there skills as they practice and you might even be noticing large differences in the same book!

Tips for Art Supplies for Kids!

Just because you have the thanksgiving coloring pages doesn't mean you have any tools yet! There are some products that are better then others, and though personal experience, here are my suggestions:

The best crayons are Crayola. Try to get a pack with 12-36 colors at least if there young. The smaller 6 pack is limiting and doesn't let a child really fully express him/herself at the time (unless there old enough to understand color blending etc)

Colored Pencils:
Colored Pencils are great. Crayola are good but there are some other brands that are around the same price and are better. Prang are really nice for there price, but these are often on the expensive side for little ones.

Markers help slightly older kids get better color results. They often come out clear and are easy to use compared to a pencil or crayon. Smaller kids shouldn't use markers as much because there more tempted to write on everything. (Washable only!) This does leave good results though.

All other mediums would be best used by an older child OR under strict parental supervision. Normally, at age 13 or 14 they can be left alone with the extremely difficult or messy ones like pastels and paint. Of course, if your there with your child any medium can be used. Also make sure your products are NON-TOXIC unless the user understands this concept.


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    • elayne001 profile image

      Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      thanks for the fun hub - I am printing some for my grandkids

    • Jane@CM profile image

      Jane@CM 8 years ago

      Coloring isn't just for kids either, I love to color :) Great hub!