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Thanksgiving a Day of Renewed Faith

Updated on November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving a Day of Renewed Faith

I have recently written an article on Hubpages in which I retell the stories of the difficulties I had trying to obtain funding from local churches and Charities. The tale was true. And the portrayal of my experience was accurate as I had been asking for help since my Mother died.

And as I have relayed I am not very good at asking for help. I would rather work three jobs then be dependent on another person for something. I have been this way since I was a very young child. But I asked in the hopes I would get the desperately needed help. And of course I was shot down. I think what got to me more than ever is that I have always given to charity religiously and that I never ever expected or wanted to be in a position to ask for help. So when I completely humbled myself and made this request when I was shot down in such a bad manner it hurt me. I am much to my detriment a good person. I never try to make another person feel bad.

Given my Mother’s death and that this was the first holidays we had to endure without her, I was prepared just to cancel. And I had a minute or two of despair.

But the next day the local community center through a local church had a box of food dropped off and a turkey. It was the first charity I have ever accepted in my life and I did so with a great deal of gratitude. I immediately offered to help that church any way possible to repay them for their generosity. They graciously accepted but told me it wasn’t necessary. I still insisted I would like to help them in the future with any project they might have for me. And I will. That small gift was the world to me in that moment and I cried. And now as I write this to you I am very busy in the kitchen making my son our first solo Thanksgiving for which we acknowledge we miss his Nana and my Mom but also we are glad to just be together. We watched the majority of the Macy’s Day parade together. My son doesn’t believe in autism but I always insist I do.

And since about 11 o’clock this morning non-stop I have had people banging on the door trying to give me Thanksgiving dinners. I thank them but tell them I have a ten pound turkey in the oven which I do. And so I could have been knocked over with a feather by all the generosity I have received in the last two days. Although I would only accept the first Thanksgiving box the Salvation Army did come by and offer to give us Thanksgiving Dinners. And another church also offered to give us Thanksgiving dinners.

The one church in which the man gave me such a bad time can’t be excused but I can seriously understand that the Salvation Artmy may have had to prioritize their funding to make certain the elderly and the needy were feed these holidays and so I am retracting the article I original wrote. I will not unpublish it because I am responsible for everything I write. And I want it to serve as a reminder to everyone who gives to charity that perhaps they will not receive it back when and how they need it but it is still there renewing our faith in humanity when we least expect it. And that in of itself is something to be really grateful for.


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