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The Day of Three Kings in Spain Holidays, Re-Birthing in USA?

Updated on January 5, 2016
The 3 Kings (Toys)
The 3 Kings (Toys)
Los Reyes Magos
Los Reyes Magos

The 3 Kings’s Holiday (Los Reyes Magos)

The holiday destined to the 3 Kings in Spain (Los Reyes Magos) is more of a Latin tradition in today’s world that was born through the religion and local believes. But the birth of this tradition comes from the old world, Europe.

What about Santa Claus?

Instead of Santa Claus bringing gifts and getting down the chimney, in Europe they have the 3 Kings, full of generosity and put to test on the 6th day of the year (January 6th). This day, people celebrate by going out the streets and specially the most important avenues of the city, carrying bags full of presents, giving away candies and any other sort of gifts to family and friends.

The actual fact about the 3 Kings is found in the New Testament where it is clearly stated that the kings Melchor, Gaspar and Balthasar made a trip overnight to a very far place where there are supposed to find and bring back home gifts to Jesus, who was recognized by them as the son of God.

Latin Population in USA
Latin Population in USA

Starting in the US

As seen in the past few years, Latin population is bigger in presence in the USA with a daily imminent growth for many reasons, this population brings form their origin a culture, and in this particular case, bring with them, holidays as well.

This is no news to many Hispanic and Latin communities in the US, many industries are already taking action about this merging culture.

9,100,000 Aprox.
22,400,000 Aprox.
53,000,000 Aprox.
Hispanic Population in USA
Hispanic Population in USA
Hispanic Population in USA

3 Kings’s Day at Disneyland

Many places are already taking action in favor of this trend and this is visible at Disneyland, where they have launched an invitation to celebrate this festive day at a unique Latin-American style commemorating the Epiphany.

“Honoring 3 Wise Kings Bearing Gifts, The Epiphany—or twelfth day of Christmas—is celebrated around the world in many ways. Join us as we mark the occasion known as El Día de los Reyes Magos in Mexico, Central and South America with traditional festivities.” -

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