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The Perfect Personalized Fathers Day Gift - What Type is Your Dad?

Updated on October 25, 2013

Find the personalized Father Day gift just right for your Dad.

Match his personality or lifestyle with one in the list below to find ideas and inspiration.

So ... what type of Dad do you have?

I've collected gift ideas to suit each type of Dad to give you some inspiration for Father's Day. The idea is to get you thinking on the right track for that perfect gift to say thanks for being such a wonderful, special Dad.

I'm sure you'll recognize your father (or your stepfather, grandfather, husband, or boyfriend) somewhere in here.

The Family Dad

The devoted family Dad enjoys spending time with the people he loves the most.

For him, consider a photo mug featuring his family or a personalized photo frame.

He would be delighted with a homemade hamper made up of the little things he really loves.

If he enjoys being in the kitchen, some cool cooking gear, or an apron as a personalized Father Day gift.

Games mean family time, so these are a great idea. What about some personalized playing cards?

He'd also love tickets to a show or to an attraction so the whole family can do something together.

The Discerning Dad

This Dad usually already has everything he needs, and enjoys the expensive, refined things in life.

He has excellent taste, so choose only the best quality gifts.

A bottle of his favorite wine or whiskey would be a good choice, perhaps packaged with some personally engraved glasses.

Designer jewelry and accessories can also be engraved with your personal message to create a unique personalized Father Day gift.

For him, a fine watch is an excellent idea.

If he is a collector, perhaps you could add an item to his collection.

Remember ... quality and taste all the way.

The Geeky Dad

This Dad loves gadgets and technology.

For his personalized Father Day gift, consider the latest technical gizmos.

Anything computer related is a good gift idea - start with personalized

mousepads or usb sticks for budget gifts.

Electronic and cell phone accessories will always be a hit.

Science based toys are a wonderful idea. He'll really enjoy explaining to you how they work ...

... and of course, there is always Star Trek merchandise!

The Do-It-Yourself Dad

This Dad is the home handyman. He loves finding and completing projects around the house.

A subscription to a top D.I.Y. magazine would be a great gift. if you can, accompany it with a personalized message.

A gift card to his favorite hardware store will let him purchase all his D.I.Y. needs. Some stores allow you to personalize gift cards for that extra special touch.

Tools are also perfect. Why not put them in a personalized tool box for him?

The Manly Dad

This Dad enjoys hanging out with his friends and doing "man" activities.

Personalized bar accessories are great, especially anything to do with beer. What about a yard glass? Or a personalized beer koozie? Beer with specially made labels designed just for your Dad makes a fabulous personalized Father Day gift.

He loves to barbeque, so any accessories will make him happy.

He would enjoy adventure experiences too. Give him the gift of flying a plane or bungee jumping.

This Dad also loves manly movies, so movie tickets or DVDs are good gifts for him.

The Businessman Dad

The professional Dad enjoys his work, and likes to have tasteful business accessories.

For his personalized Father Day gift, anything for his office desk makes a useful gift. Stationery items are perfect, and also executive toys.

He likes to look smart when traveling, so he will love a good quality wallet or personalized luggage items. Another great choice is a tie, but make sure you pick one he really will want to wear.

Gadgets to help him organize his time will also be appreciated.

The Sporty Dad

This Dad loves his sport, whether he's watching it or doing it, or both.

He is probably the easiest of the Dad types to find a gift for.

He will be thrilled with anything that supports his favorite team - there is a huge range of sports fan merchanise available. If you can get something signed by one of the players, even better! If you can't find something specifically for his team, look for items with the team colors instead.

Sports equipment is always a great gift choice. It's a good idea to get the advice of an expert to make sure you get exactly the right thing. Stores are usually very happy to answer questions, both online and off.

Personalized items like a water bottle or sportsbag or a backpack would be excellent gifts.

Another idea is tickets or a season pass to the game.

There are also a lot of sports-themed novelty games and toys which are a lot of fun to give, and to receive!

The Car Lover Dad

The car lover Dad loves all things mechanical. He is passionate about his car or bike or truck, and spends a lot of time caring for it.

So, the best Personalized Father Day gift for him will be car themed in some way.

A personalized key ring for his car keys is a great gift. You can even add a photo or have it engraved with your own message.

A novelty license plate for the garage is fun, and you can make it say whatever you like. There are lots of garage signs available, so you are sure to find one your Dad will relate to. Dads can be very loyal to their preferred make of car!

He would absolutely love the chance to drive a racing car, or perhaps go on a motorcycle tour. Have a look at some of the choices available for experiences, and give him a thrilling Father's Day.

If you can find an exact model of his car or bike, this makes a really cool gift.

Anything to do with car care would also be excellent, from car washing kits to keep his pride and joy in top condition ... to tools if he is into tinkering with the engine.

The Stylish Dad

This Dad enjoys looking and feeling good. He is a little harder to find a gift for, because he is very definite about what he does and doesn't like.

A gift he would love is a bottle of his favorite cologne, and any gift which helps with personal grooming.

If he enjoys good wine, you could buy him a bottle, or give him a wine rack or wine cabinet for his collection.

Alternatively, a bottle of quality whisky or another favorite makes a great gift.

He would also love tasteful clothes - a good quality tie or bathrobe perhaps. You could organize a shopping trip with him for Father's Day so that he can personally choose his gifts.

Accessories are a good gift choice for him. Make certain that you choose stylish gifts that go well with the clothes he already has. An attractive belt or wallet is usually safe if you are not sure.

The Single Dad

The single Dad is probably also one of the Dad's above, so this is just to add some special ideas just for him.

Some great gift ideas for this Dad are movie or theatre tickets.

He would probably enjoy a very nice bottle of wine.

Hampers are a good idea for the single Dad, because you can fill them with all the little things that interest him - gourmet food treats, cologne, personal care items, books, DVDs and CDs are some ideas to get you started.

A charming personalized Father Day gift for him would be a hip flask engraved with your special personal message.

If your single Dad has a sense of humor, perhaps you could give him a book about dating!

Tasteful jewelry is another great gift idea.

The New Dad

This is the New Dad's first ever Father's Day. He is still learning how to be Dad and what a precious experience it is.

He would love a personalized Father Day gift to help him enjoy time with the baby. A baby carrier is a great idea - you can even include your own design.

For a gift he will treasure, try a personalized photo frame holding a picture of his growing family.

A pedometer so he can get fit while walking would be a good gift. On the other hand, he'd also love a hamper full of little treats just for him.

New parents need a chance to relax, so a gift along these lines would be very appropriate. DVDs and music are easy to find ... or perhaps you could treat him to a therapeutic massage.

Another useful gift idea could be a book of parenting advice for new Dads.


I hope you have found your Dad amongst the Dads listed here, and now have some ideas on the best personalized Father Day gift uniquely for him.

If you are still deciding, you can find more of my Fathers Day gift ideas here.

© 2013 fridayonmymind


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    • profile image

      Geekdad 4 years ago

      I'm a Geek Dad. Gadgets for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and Fathers Day gifts, yes please, but definitely get advice from someone who knows what their talking about. It's gotta be the RIGHT gadget.