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Personalized Fathers Day Gifts - Give Dad Something He'll Love!

Updated on May 5, 2013

Especially for Dad, here are some ideas for personalized Fathers Day gifts he'll be delighted to receive.

Your Dad deserves something special on Fathers Day.

You want to tell him that he is loved and appreciated, and to thank him for being there for you all those times you needed him.

On this page I've collected my very best ideas for personalized Fathers Day gifts. I believe in making a gift just that little bit more by adding a personal touch.

Gift giving to men can sometimes be difficult, even if you know them well, but I can help.

If you'd like some help narrowing down the choice, visit here first for some gift ideas based on your Dad's personality and lifestyle.

Then you can come back here for some more ideas.

Create a Hamper or Gift Basket For Dad

I love hampers and gift baskets! They are the perfect opportunity to get creative. You can make a gift entirely planned around the recipient. A well planned hamper is guaranteed to please.

For the container, use a picnic hamper or a cooler bag or maybe even a toolbox, then fill it with lots of little things Dad loves.

What does Dad enjoy? What little treats would he like to find? You can add just about anything you want ... books, tools, personal care items, gadgets, novelty items, food treats ... it's only limited by your imagination.

Dad will have a wonderful time exploring all his little gifts on his special day.

Books, DVDs & CDs With a Twist

Normally it's pretty easy to find Dad a book he would like, or a movie or music he'd enjoy.

You can spice these up to create fun personalized Fathers Day gifts simply by adding a novelty.

For example

  • If you give him a book about fishing, you could add some useful fishing tackle to the gift.
  • A relaxing CD along with a bottle of wine or some drinking chocolate is thoughtful.
  • Include a packet of unpopped popcorn to a DVD gift.
  • Add a novelty toy or candy ... a model car with a car themed movie maybe, or a puzzle with a mystery movie or book.

It's lots of fun to make gifts this way, and Dad will love it!

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

Give your Dad the chance to do something he's never done before ... give him an experience gift.

You can organize for your Dad to do anything from a thrilling adventure such as jumping out of a plane, to a relaxing in a day spa, and pretty much anything in between.

Remember to choose the experience based on your Dad's age and ability.

If it's something he would like to do with you, arrange for yourself to go along too.

Boys Toys

Lots of Dads are collectors, and many are also big kids on the inside.

Good quality model cars, planes or trains make great gifts for Dads who need to get in touch with the inner child.

Desktop toys are a lot of fun too, as well as all sorts of cool gadgets ranging from the simple to expensive technical gizmos.

If there are young kids around on Fathers Day though, you might need to remind Dad to share his toys!

Personalize It With His Name or Your Message

Being able to engrave a gift or put your personalized message or photo on it opens up a whole world of wonderful Fathers Day gifts.

Photo frames make great gifts for Dad, especially something he can keep at work. You can also put a photo or your own artwork on a whole range of gifts.

Choose something that he'll use a lot, and engrave his name on it. This works well with a toiletry bag, or sports gear, or perhaps a cooler and chair set.

Pajamas and boxers make cheeky personalized Fathers Day gifts for fun Dads. A large, comfortable bathrobe is another great idea.

The idea is to make sure Dad knows that you choose the gift especially for him, and that you put some thought into it.

Great Dads need to know that they are loved and appreciated!

© 2013 fridayonmymind


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    • profile image

      Luck 3 years ago

      Plseiang to find someone who can think like that

    • profile image

      Always Looking 4 years ago

      Wow! Thanks for this article. Father's day has passed for another year, but I'm always on the look out for ideas for Christmas for the dads and uncles in the family. You've given me some awesome ideas. Your idea of taking a simple gift and making it personal is very clever. Love it.