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The Reasons Why We Cheer

Updated on November 17, 2009

The time has come to celebrate,
In this season of thanksgiving,
The birth of our Lord Jesus ...
He makes our lives worth living.
He made His way into this world
With so many odds against Him.
To die for sins that were not His
And to hang from Calvary's limbs.
We understand the sacrifice
Because He died and paid the cost.
Each day we pray on bended knee
For without Him, we are lost.
Shouts of joy and alleluias
As we sing praises to His name
We love and thank Him most because
For us, HE stood and took the blame.
It's not about trimming a tree
Or how many gifts we'll receive
But it's  all about salvation
And whether or not you believe.
If you're a child of the King
You'll understand this time of year
As we all celebrate His birth
That is the reason why we cheer!


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