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The Truth About New Year's Resolutions and Getting Skinny

Updated on February 19, 2016
Sallie Mullinger profile image

Sallie is a retired mother and grandmother who has written short stories for most of her life. Her stories are from her heart to yours.

January 1 comes with the best intentions. I've learned never to trust those intentions

Here's the problem with New Years resolutions to lose weight and get into shape....they coincide with WINTER!

Winter is when you want to eat everything you can get your chubby, grubby hands on. Winter is when you get so hungry you could eat New York City. Winter is when that connection to our forefathers, known as cavemen, takes over and you need to put another layer of FAT on your body. Winter is when it's so damned cold and the wind is howling outside the window and you've already watched every show on all 300 cable channels and there's nothing else to do but raid the stash of leftover Christmas Hershey Kisses (even though you were going to try to put them out as next years Christmas candy..after you scraped the white stuff off the chocolate).

And yes, sadly, winter is when you made that dreadful promise to exist on carrot sticks and water and beat your body into submission at the gym, on the pavement, on the treadmill or wherever, only to realize a few months later that being skinny isn't what its cracked up to be. You begin thinking that being a few or fifty pounds overweight isnt such a bad thing. You begin telling yourself that everyone gets winded and short of breath when they go up steps. You console yourself with the thought that one more cookie or just this one (or whole box) of chocolates cant be that bad for you.

And besides...once you get skinny, there's no going back. You cant fall off the wagon without expecting those knowing looks from all the mean girls who congratulated you to your face on your success at losing weight, but secretly and behind your back, couldn't wait to find you hiding in a McDonalds booth, way in the back, shoveling a Big Mac and large fries into your mouth.

Avoid the shame and just enjoy the chocolate before it gets that white crud all over it.

P.S. It wont last til next Christmas anyway. I know


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