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The Top Ten best and worst Christmas gifts to give.

Updated on March 15, 2012

Christmas has arrived, and early in the morning people are waking up (if they haven't been waiting all night long), and rushing to get their presents.

The holidays are always a great time to shop for the things that you have always wanted, and to surprise your loved ones with the things that they usually couldn't get for themselves. However great this is, not every person hit the mark with giving, as crowds of people are also going to stores to return the gifts that didn't make a splash this holiday season.

Some of the gifts that made the mark this year included:


TV's, computers, Laptops, nintendo 3DS, Cell phones, and even Ipod Touch!


Full suits for Children, Maternity wear, Shoes, purses, pants, and sweaters!


Necklaces, Diamond and engagement rings.

The worst Christmas gifts ever.

There are just some things that adults, and children should think about twice before purchasing these gifts for Christmas.

  1. Gift cards or certificates.
  2. Car accessories (tires, fresh car scents)
  3. Blankets or bed covers
  4. Shoes for the summer
  5. Hats
  6. Flashlights
  7. Gardening tools
  8. Lawn ornaments
  9. single Kitchen Utensils
  10. Backpacks

Even though people mean well, there are just some things that shouldn't be given during the holidays, or if the person does want it, the giver should check for the following: correct size for clothes, jewelry etc.. Favorite books if any, and if the person is a collector, the right kind of ornament for the home!

If this wasn't your best Holiday, do not worry, there are always more holidays to come!

What's the worst gift you've ever been given?

Happy Holidays!


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Have you ever gotten a black velvet painting of Jesus riding a tiger from a relative, my suggestion . . . . hang it in the bathroom.

    • Jessi10 profile image

      Jessica Rangel 6 years ago from Lancaster, CA

      Thank you!

      I agree and disagree with gift cards. While I get them, I still find them impersonal. However, this hub wasn't completely my opnion, i did some research, and incredibly enough, I found this gift to be one of the most disliked objects during the holiday season..

    • MSLewis profile image

      MSLewis 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      While I agree with just about everything you mention, I have to disagree with gift cards being one of the worst gifts... While they aren't very personal, I have a lot of family that is spread across the country, and gift cards offer a chance to give them some pocket cash to use on things they WANT rather than what they NEED... The way I've found to make gift cards personal is to include a note saying "Let me know what you find!", that way they buy something they want and let you know...

      Great hub though!