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Themed Parties: Halloween Ideas

Updated on December 9, 2012
Photo:  stock.xchng
Photo: stock.xchng

Hosting Halloween Parties

Mischief and Fun - An Enticing Evening for All

Of all the party’s throughout the year, Halloween has the greatest fun factor of them all.  It’s irresistible to children and adults alike.  After all, what is there that isn’t exciting?  There’s face paint, wigs, costumes, glow sticks, parties, and tricks.  The best of all is strolling along in the dark, filling a bottomless candy bag with all sorts of candy and treats. 

Celtic Cross  Photo: stock.xchng
Celtic Cross Photo: stock.xchng

A Short History Lesson

How did Halloween come to be?  A little over 2,000 years ago, there was an ancient Celtic festival called the Samhain (sow-in) that occurred on the 31st of October.  This was the eve of winter and a night during which the Celts believed the dead returned to Earth.  To ward off the evil spirits, they lit bonfires and they dressed in costumes to celebrate the eve of winter.  During the night and the festivities, they were told their fortunes and their futures.  They shared stories of the dead as the night wore on.  Alas, over the centuries, this festival changed to become a festivity that is focused on the youth, who dress in costume depicting the gore and horror of zombies, mummies, witches, goblins, skeletons, ghosts, vampires and the more tame characters from children’s movies. 

Party Theme Idea

Halloween is one festivity that is easy to prepare for. If you are hosting a party, keep the theme simple. Decorate the entrance and room with carved pumpkins, paper pumpkin lanterns, spider webs, plastic spiders, flying bats and orange lights. Choose a specific element, and weave it throughout the party space. For example, the theme is caves and the specific element is bats. The entrance is decorated as the cave opening, with tunnels (hallways) leading into smaller caves (party rooms). The element being bats, one would have bats flying in groups, and singularly in smaller spaces, in each of the caves and tunnels. Each cave can have its own theme but must include the bat element. One smaller cave could be the “Food Cave”. There could be different snacks laid out, like the Bloody Cake, and there would be bats flying in the cave, or better yet, make snacks in the shape of bats. The sky is the limit – let your creativity flow and have fun!

Audio and Visual Presentation

Visual presentation is important, but music is also important. Choose music that supports your theme, and if possible, your element. There are many Halloween party mixes that provide sounds from squeaky doors to wailing witches to howling werewolves. And don’t forget the dancing music – there are many Halloween favourites available too!







Costumes and Accessories


The most fun part of hosting a Halloween party is dressing up.  There are hundreds of costumes to choose from and it doesn’t matter whether you go to a store, a costume speciality store, a theatrical supply store or a seamstress who specializes in costumes.  You can buy, borrow or rent the costume.  Last Halloween, I rented costumes for myself and all my children.  It was amazing as the seamstress tailored each outfit to fit each individual.  In addition to this, she provided all the necessary accessories to complete the outfit.  At first, I thought it was a little pricy, but when I saw how much detail she provided in her rentals, I quickly changed my mind. 

Let the Party Begin!

Fortunes and futures are still told to those brave enough to ask, or perhaps hire your own fortune teller and surprise your guests. Ghost stories and scary stories are shared amongst friends and newcomers. Beware of tricks – you never know who (or what) will be jumping out at you from behind the tree! Boo!







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