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Thomas Kinkade Christmas Villages

Updated on January 5, 2014
Kinkade Crystal Snowman With Glowing Village & Moving Train
Kinkade Crystal Snowman With Glowing Village & Moving Train

I love Thomas Kinkade products, especially am fascinated by all those Christmas related collectibles. They are so irresistible and give me all sorts of joyful feelings whenever I lay my eyes on them. I'm poor at expressing how I feel about them, all I want to do is share the products. The illuminations, the lights, the snow, the sound a train makes when chugging around, some of the most wonderful music simply delight and melt my heart away. Sometimes I fantasized I could set them up all around my home. Here I'd like to show off some of Kinkade Christmas Villages.

Kinkade Crystal Snowman With Glowing Village & Moving Train

Never has a snowman been filled with more charming personality than this delightful crystal snowman. Looking at his beaming smile, carrot nose and rosy cheeks, you'll feel he'd gladly share the great joy with you. This is market first Thomas Kinkade collectible snowman figurine made with authentic crystal, an illuminated village and animated train! This incredible three dimensional snowman figurine houses an illuminated village with four buildings, a pond, a bridge and 10 villagers. When switching on, the buildings light up and the tiny train circles the base, round and round! Absolutely a wonderful piece of treasure to have for your Christmas home decor.

Thomas Kinkade & John Deere Illuminated Christmas Village
Thomas Kinkade & John Deere Illuminated Christmas Village

Thomas Kinkade & John Deere Illuminated Christmas Village

This is an exclusive first ever village collection from Hawthorne Village and first ever Illuminated sculptural village uniting the charm of Thomas Kinkade with the tradition of John Deere. The rugged tractors of John Deere symbolizes the enduring spirit of small town America that is captured so well by Thomas Kinkade. Together they've inspired the charming village collection. Each village building is an illuminated limited edition, hand cast and hand painted to bring nostalgic and peaceful charm of America's heartland to all your Christmases to come. This timeless village collection begins with Issue One featuring the Deer Creek Bed & Breakfast and FREE Diecast John Deere Tractor, following Issue Two featuring John Deere Barn which includes a FREE diecast John Deere Tractor Hayride, more village buildings will follow as a separate issue for each.

Order Kinkade Christmas Cottages and Villages Online

Kinkade Illuminated "Santa's North Pole" With Music and Motion
Kinkade Illuminated "Santa's North Pole" With Music and Motion

Kinkade Illuminated "Santa's North Pole" With Music & Motion

This magical limited-edition hand cast, hand painted collectible animated Thomas Kinkade Santa's North Pole Village collection takes you to the heart-warm holiday season before it comes. It is alive with light, movement and music all in one! It features fanciful lighted buildings, flying Santa, spinning tree, gliding skaters, and cheery carols. You will begin with Issue One that features Santa's Workshop with flying Santa and his reindeer sleigh. You will feel the holiday spirit right away and continue to experience the joy of holidays at any time throughout the year! Issue One comes with Free Ms. Claus figurine. The North Pole Train Station with a real moving train will be in Issue Two that comes with a Free Bringing Home the Tree Elf figurine. Additional villages will follow in separate issues all including their own free figurines. You'll feel like a kid again as you watch all the animated action, from the spinning tree and star to the skaters that glide and twirl to a beloved Christmas carol! A unique charming Christmas decoration and gift idea indeed!


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    • snakebaby profile image

      Sabrina Yuquan Chen (陈玉泉) 7 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      Thanks, Deborah, glad we share the same:)

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thanks for this hub. I love Thomas Kinkade Art, especially that which is geared toward Christmas.