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Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for this Year

Updated on October 7, 2014

The idea of Halloween costumes is different for different people. Some wants to look crazy, some wants to look scary, some prefer being weird and some just different. Here in this article are 10 costumes ideas to look the weirdest and the craziest of all costumes and here they are.

Lady Gaga: The Queen of Theatricality for Halloween

Everyone wants to be a little theatrical and dramatic with their Halloween costumes and who else can one get inspired from other than the Queen of theatricality, Lady Gaga. This idea is basically for women but since it is Halloween, men can try them too so they are not excluded with this idea. Dressing up like Lady Gaga means you have a lot of choice to choose, as Lady Gaga dresses up in her own way every time, different and weird so you have a lot of costumes to choose to be lady Gaga.

Live for the Applause this Halloween
Live for the Applause this Halloween

Vampires: But The Sexy One

Dressing up as a vampire has always been a common Halloween costume and this can be a great costume idea with a twist. With the trending ideas of being a vampire with recent vampire movies and television show, you can show yourself as a vampire by adding a little sexiness in it. One can be a vampire, but not with flamboyant costumes, but by using their appealing body (that is if they have one) keeping intact a little scary effect of fangs, blood and pale skin.

Vampire, not a Dracula, got it?
Vampire, not a Dracula, got it?

Super Heroes with a Different Twist

Dressing up as super heroes is also common but this year do not just wear your spiderman costume for Halloween but instead add a twist in it. The twist would be by doing something that has never been done, that is by being different. A woman can design her costumes for a man superhero keeping in mind, it looks feminine but has in it the looks of that super hero. So girls can dress up as Spider girl, bat woman, super woman and so on. For me, the same can be done keeping in mind the dress looks masculine so you can actually try being Wonderman, Male Mystique or Cat man.

Isn't this cool?
Isn't this cool?

Be Updated and Try Something New and Recent

Turn on your television or log in to the latest entertainment websites and check the latest movies and celebrities whom you can try to dress up as and go with the trend, and make this Halloween with a costume worn from the latest inspiration. What was the latest movie you have watched from which you can get ideas to dress up as? Do you want to dress up as Angelina Jolie as Maleficient? Yes that is a great idea. Do you think dressing up as Miley Cyrus would be great? Why not, she did create a buzz all over the world with her recent style. If Gangnam Style crossed one billion views in youtube, then dressing up as PSY would also be totally cool.

This is what I call getting an inspiration
This is what I call getting an inspiration

Be Bold and Classic

Sometimes being classic makes you bold and stand out. I know that Halloween costumes of Frankenstein or Dracula or the dead witch has always been so common but they have also been a hit one. So why not this year too. So dress up as the scariest classic character, whether it be the wolf man, the zombie or the whole family as the Adam's family.

A Classic Halloween costume for the family
A Classic Halloween costume for the family

Get Ideas From Cartoons

Cartoon characters are one of the best ideas for Halloween costumes. You get a lot of choice to choose and you choose one that fits you the most. A brother and a sister can dress up like Dexter and Dee Dee, or a couple can be Fred and Wilma Flintstone. By cartoon, you shouldn't just limit yourself to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck but get inspired from even characters from animated movies and shows. Why not dress up like Elsa from Frozen or a minion. See you have a lot of ideas for a Halloween costume if you choose to be a cartoon character.

From Cartoon characters to Halloween costumes
From Cartoon characters to Halloween costumes

Mask Yourself

A mask isn't just an accessory but it can also be the accessory that can change your entire Halloween costume. Using masks means you don't have to deal with a lot of make up and look as good as with make up. Remember Phantom from Phantom of the Opera or Zorro? You can be one for Halloween and look cool as hell. Halloween can also be like a masquerade event but a cooler version.

See how creatively you can use a Mask for Halloween
See how creatively you can use a Mask for Halloween

Copy your Idols: Be a Celebrity

There are lots of popular celebrities known for their particular dressing style. So this Halloween you can use a celebrity's dressing style and make it your Halloween costume. Johnny Depp in Pirate of the Caribbean has always been an amazing Halloween idea or you could just shave your head, wear your coolest sunglasses and hit the floor as Pitbull. You use your creativity on whom you are trying to become and then go forward with designing your Halloween costume.

See the many faces of Johnny Depp as a Halloween Costume
See the many faces of Johnny Depp as a Halloween Costume

History has a lot to be inspired from

Yes, there are great people in the history that have inspired and left their name in the world even after their death and these people can also be inspiring for your Halloween costume. Kings, politicians, leaders, anything you name can be an inspiration for a Halloween costume. You name it, an Egyptian Pharaoh, Abraham Lincoln, Hitler, anything one you think from the history can actually be an inspiration for a Halloween costume.

An Egyptian Pharaoh and Cleopatra: This is Inspiring History
An Egyptian Pharaoh and Cleopatra: This is Inspiring History


Animals can also be a great inspiration for a Halloween costume but make sure it doesn't turn out to be lame. You can't just dress up as a dog or a cat but use more of your creativity on making something awesome. A sexy panther, a zebra, a snake, or anything that you can create into which will turn out to be a great Halloween costume would be a good idea.

Who knew with creativity animals could be so hot too
Who knew with creativity animals could be so hot too

How is your Halloween costume going to be?

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