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Top 5 Personal Father’s Day Gifts

Updated on June 18, 2009

Father’s Day is fast approaching! Here are a few ideas for that “special gift” for Dad that will show your appreciation.

Photo Collage

Photo collages can paint a picture or tell a story of your relationship with Dad. A personalized, handmade gift is something that Dad cannot buy himself, and he will appreciate the time you took to create something unique for him. Go through photos, both recent and old, of activities you and Dad have done together, or important milestones in your lives or in your relationship. Photo collages can come in many forms. You can create a greeting card made up of bits of photos, or you can create a small scrapbook. Organize your photos by chronological order, or by color, or by season—whatever looks most appealing. Incorporate other objects into your collage, such as movie ticket stubs, trophy ribbons, fishing line, or anything else that relates to you and Dad.

Homemade Gift Basket

If your Dad has a particular interest, such as reading, fishing, or golf, create a homemade gift basket of small items related to that hobby. For a Dad who likes to fish, for example, you could fill a basket with bobbers, hooks, fishing line, flies, or whatever he regularly uses. Get creative and include a few pictures of him, you, or notable fish! Making a basket by hand rather than buying a pre-made one will ensure that your gift is personal and unique. Consider not using a basket at all—use a tackle box or bait bucket instead!


Spending Time Together

Give Dad a gift that will lead to you and him spending time together. Give him tickets for an event that you will both enjoy, or a how-to book for a new hobby you would like to try together. If you live apart from Dad, give him tickets to fly out to see you, along with a list of possible things to do on his mini-vacation. Choose a gift that lets Dad know that spending time together is a gift for you too!


A Gourmet Meal

If your Dad enjoys good cooking, consider cooking him a homemade meal for Father’s Day. Choose a dish that he does not ordinarily get to eat, and serve appetizers and dessert as well. If cooking is not your strong suit, get a friend or family member to help you. Use creative decorations and table settings to make the meal more memorable. A transparent tablecloth with photos underneath can make the meal even more special.



If you live with Dad and he has chores that he dislikes doing, such as mowing the yard, doing the dishes, or taking out the trash, give him a pledge to perform these chores for him for a certain amount of time. This is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift that will free up some of Dad’s time to do other things he enjoys.


Image Credit: Pugetsoundphotowalk, Flickr



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  • RGraf profile image

    Rebecca Graf 8 years ago from Wisconsin

    I always bought my father a tree that he could look on year's later.