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Top 5 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for this year

Updated on March 10, 2014

Top 5 Sexy Halloween Costumes for any Budget

Est. Reading Time: 5-10 minutes

Everybody knows that while Halloween is a great time for kids events, it's really all about great adult parties, going out and having fun. No longer is adult Halloween fancy dress all about witches and Demons. Halloween costumes are now about sci-fi, movies, having fun and being sexy. In fact for girls sexy fancy dress is probably the most popular theme of Halloween outfit.

Halloween offers a great excuse for girls to dress up in outfits that they would never normally wear, in many cases not having much to do with Halloween bar some splashed on blood! Its all about just having fun with it. So with this in mind, here are the top five sexy Halloween costumes for this year, for all budgets and parties.

Five Sexy Halloween Costumes for any Budget
Five Sexy Halloween Costumes for any Budget

Sexy Pirate Outfit

Number 5 – Sexy Pirate Costume

The sexy Pirate costume has become somewhat of a standard but still great sexy Halloween costume. There are wide arrange of costumes with varying lengths, colours and designs however nothing beats a short, sexy, red and black dress! This costume even comes with a headscarf the sword and drawstring booty pouch! It is also simple to put on by lacing up and then finishing with a hook and eye back for easy fit. Read the reviews yourself; this is a great fancy dress costume for Halloween! However to really top off this costume you need some great make up. The video below shows in detail of how to make you look just like a Pirate. It goes into every last step of how to complete this look for a sexy fancy dress Pirate costume.

Costume Available in Various Sizes from $28

How to Do Sexy Pirate Halloween Makeup

Number 4 – Sexy Pikachu Outfit

If this is what Pokémon was actually like you might see more adults playing it. This girl, Jessica Nigri, dressed up as Pikachu for Comic-Con and overnight became an internet phenomenon. Its all about her amazing self made costume. If you break it down it’s a fairly simple outfit. Its basically a yellow bra, with a thick yellow belt under the bra, with matching short frilly skirt, then black gloves and tights. To finish the costume off you need the Pikachu tail made out of cardboard or similar and the custom yellow ears.

It’s a really great costume that is so simple to do. A perfect example of doing a great costume on a small budget, but with huge effect. Its also great for a sci-fi theme Halloween party as video games are always a hit!

Sexy Pikachu Outfit for Halloween

Great simple Halloween costume with huge effect!
Great simple Halloween costume with huge effect!

Beer Girl Fancy Dress

Number 3 – Oktoberfest Beer Girl

Halloween falls at the end of October, so what better way to dress up and party than a sexy Oktoberfest girl! This is a great costume for the girls who are bigger on top due to the frilly outfit. It features a black dress that laces up on the front, with puffy sleeves and bustline which really do look like an authentic Oktoberfest girl.

The design is really detailed and well made, even down to the embroidered finish around the skirt. It's available in several different colours and sizes so whatever your shape this outfit is for you. This particular costume would be great for a group of girls to go out dressed up in the same Oktoberfest theme, it would create quite a sight! Wear this great costume and everyone will know that you're the life of the party!

Now where's my beer?

Dress this Maid costume up with blood and it's ideal for a Sexy Halloween costume.
Dress this Maid costume up with blood and it's ideal for a Sexy Halloween costume.

Number 2 – Sexy Dead French Maid

From Germany to France, this French Maid outfit is the epitome of being sexy. And for Halloween, dirty it up by pouring blood all over your costume, with running makeup on your face. This particular outfit is well made, and the price reflects this. It's got a full corset with headpiece and apron attached as standard, so there is no need to buy any extras… bar the blood! It really is one of those costumes that can be very versatile and ideal for several different themes with Halloween being one of them. It's available in several sizes and styles and is a very reasonable $35 to buy from Amazon.

Whilst you can get cheap blood capsules for a few bucks, they generally are rubbish. Go for the Movie Quality blood from Special ingredients. You get a good amount and it looks, well movie quality! A great purchase that will last several Halloweens depending on how bloody you want to be.

This Poison Ivy Costume is Sexy and Fun. That's why its our Number One and you should buy it for your next Halloween bash!
This Poison Ivy Costume is Sexy and Fun. That's why its our Number One and you should buy it for your next Halloween bash!

Number 1 - Poison Ivy

We can't do a top five Halloween costumes without including at least one comic book villain. And our number one is the sexy Poison Ivy costume. The costume includes the hairpiece, armband, gloves and the dress. It is also available in several sizes. It looks stunning and is fitted in its design. It is a highly detailed dress that is one of the best alternative Batman costumes you can dress as. Its also very sexy, and perfect for Halloween due to the colours and makeup. There is a great video tutorial below which shows how to do the Poison Ivy makeup without getting too extreme and complicated. It really is a great sexy Halloween costume, which can also be used for other themed fancy dress parties in the future! Sexy and unique, Poison Ivy is our number one sexy Halloween costume.

How to do Poison Ivy Makeup

Have a great Halloween!

There you have it a wide selection and slightly different set of sexy halloween costumes for you to try this year. Whatever your budget I hope you can see with a bit of imagination and some creative makeup you can really make a costume your own. So whether you are going to a house party or out on the town, have fun, take lots of photos and have a Happy Halloween!

Alice in Wonderland


Alice is back from wonderland and here in all grown up and looking hot! There are many versions of this classic Alice costume which the world of Wonderland is just made for Halloween. Slightly creepy but fun, and this Alice costume defines sexy. Available in several sizes and for a bargain price!

What sexy outfits are you going in this year for Halloween?

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