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Top Ten Christmas Decorations and Crafts Ideas

Updated on December 15, 2015

What you'll find!

In this Hub you'll find some ideas for quick and easy decorating for Christmas.

These homemade decorations can be made on a budget or with expensive materials of your choice.

You'll need



Colored and metallic card



Blu Tack

Christmas wrapping paper

Christmas sequins or sticky bits like stars and hearts



Some Christmas Craft Ideas

Paper chons
Paper snowflakes
Napkin Placemat Holder
Border decorationa

The Top Ten List

Tinsel and Bottle Candle Holders

Homemade Snowflakes

Table Decorations

Christmas Tableware Decorations

Christmas Theme Collages For Kids

Christmas Snow Globes For Kids

Homemade Tree Decorations

Paper Chains

Christmas Window Decorations

Hanging Decorations

Ribbon and Bows

Some people like to make their own decorations and others like to buy them, using a slightly different colour theme or adding new special decorations each year helps to keep memories Over Christmas.

Bring out old decorations and ones that have been given to you over the years.

And keep up to date with Christmas by looking online or window shopping to see what the latest Christmas images, fashions, themes and styles are.

Quick one Minute Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

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