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Gift Ideas for Men and Women: Don't buy a gift card! Top Ten Surprise and Unusual Gifts

Updated on December 10, 2013

Find the perfect gift!

Are you having a hard time finding that perfect Valentine's Day gift or Christmas, holiday, birthday or anniversary gift? You are looking for gifts for men or women, a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, but you don't want to buy a gift card? You need an original gift idea? Do you want to find something new and different to make your loved one happy? Here are ten gift ideas that will give you a chance to surprise and make your loved one happy.

We all get happy when we receive gifts. Especially if the gift we got is something that we did not expect. Such a gift coming from a loved one will make our day! A lot of others get even more happy when they give gifts. If you are one of those who enjoy giving gifts even even more then receiving them, then probably you pay a lot of attention and put a lot of time and consideration into the nature of the gifts that you get. Probably for someone like you it is not that difficult to pick gifts for most people. However, one always needs new ideas for getting gifts for the special people that we often get gifts for. It is easy to run out of ideas for unusual gifts. So, here are ten unusual holiday gift ideas!

Lingerie is always great but here are some other ideas:

1) Find an original painting! This is a great gift especially if you have an idea about the taste of the person you are buying the gift for. You can buy great paintings for decent prices on the web or at school exhibitions. This would be an unforgettable gift of a lifetime.

2) Register a domain name and web space: Everyone has a creative side! Some discover and cultivate this more than others. Some others keep putting it off. If your significant other or close friend or family member is an aspiring writer, or a photographer, giving them a domain name registered under either their own name or a name that they would know is thought of for them would encourage them to pursue their dreams.

If this sounds too complicated, you can always create a blog. For example, if one of your close ones is a great cook, you can create a blog where they can share their recipes. This gift can make them feel proud.

3) Commission an artist to paint their photo into a painting. There are many artists who will take commissions to paint real people into their paintings. This would be a unique and very special gift. It would be more creative to go with a surrealist or abstract style than a traditional portrait.

Accompany a gift with a special meal you cook...

Get Personal

4) Plant a tree under their name. These will be appreciated more than you can imagine. It is just a really pleasant gift to receive to know that someone planted a tree under your name. Organizations like Arbor Day Foundation will send you very nice postcards dedicated to this purpose that you can give to your loved ones.

5) Give them a massage coupon! Very few people do not like massage. Giving your loved one a gift certificate to a massage spa would give them a chance to spoil themselves immensely. If you don’t think you can afford this but you are skilled yourself you can give them a coupon for a massage that will be given by you!

6) Get them a magazine subscription. There are some great magazines out there that one can learn a lot from and also enjoy! Giving your loved one a subscription for a magazine that they are not aware of in a field they enjoy would be a gift they would enjoy for months to come. A lot of magazines will supply you with special cards that you can send to those you are giving the gift to.

7) Gourmet steaks! There are a few companies that sell gourmet steaks online. These would make a great gift for those that you know really know about food.

Great gifts on a budget

8) gift coupons! Everyone loves to eat outside. These coupons make great gifts for distant relatives. You will not spend much time shopping and they will be happy! Alternatively, you can get coupons for restaurants from the restaurants themselves, but this may require a trip.

9) Buy them a class! This is also another unusual gift that is also very thoughtful. If your loved one enjoys cooking you can enroll them for a class at the culinary school learning to cook their favorite meals.

10) A song. You may not be a great composer yourself. However, you could hire an advanced music student to write a song for your loved one, and buy its copyright. Or buy one of their already existing compositions. You could write words to it, buy words, use a poem, or just let it be instrumental. Having a special song under their name will make everyone feel tremendously special.


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    • profile image

      unique gifts for men 6 years ago

      These are great ideas for guys! The adventure experience as a present will really be something he remembers! Thanks for sharing :)

    • profile image

      Brenda 7 years ago

      I love these ideas!

    • sid_candid profile image

      sid_candid 7 years ago

      Nice Gift Ideas. Well Done!

    • profile image

      mara 7 years ago

      this is great! best top ten gift ideas ever.i am gonna start looking for a painting now!

    • profile image

      marco 7 years ago

      this is very useful. I had not thought about many of these. it is always so hard to think of something new!