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Gifts For Those That Serve You

Updated on August 23, 2016

Pizza Gift Card

Mmmm Pizza
Mmmm Pizza


I always like to give a little something to people who provide a very much appreciated service for me or my family. Even though I really appreciate them year round, it seems that Christmas time is the time that people like to show their appreciation for a service that has been provided.

I myself worked as a Cosmetologist for many years, and have received gifts from many didn't matter to me what the gift was, how much they spent, it was the thought that truly counted, it made me feel really good that they took the time to think of me.

The only times I must say, that I was confused, was on the rare occasion , when the client came in for their routine hair appointment bringing a gift, but on that day would not leave a tip. So that would make me wonder is this a gift or is it a tip. I really needed my tips.

A tip is a little something to show that you appreciate each service. If you are happy with the service that had been performed.

A gift is something extra to show that you care about that person.

Gift giving is a thoughtful and nice gesture, if you are so inclined.

Gift giving is something you do , because you want to, If you do not celebrate the occasion or if funds are tight , or you just don't want to get all wrapped up in the whole gift giving idea, then by all means, you shouldn't and you should not feel any stress or guilt about it.

Candy Cane Joe~Joe's

Candy~Cane Joe~Joe's
Candy~Cane Joe~Joe's

Candy Cane Joe~Joe's

One of my favorite gifts that I would receive each year from one client was a box of Trader Joe~Joes.. Not an expensive gift but one that I loved..In fact now that I am no longer working , when out and about shopping, I will find myself heading for Trader Joe's to pick up a few boxes of Trader Joe-Joe's to give as gifts as well as a box or two for myself.

Trader Joe~Joe's is a cookie very similar to Oreo's, except it is two chocolate like wafers on the outside with a candy cane (peppermint) filling on the inside.

The most useful gift I ever received from a client was a gift card to my local pizza place. This came in so handy on one of those extremely long and tiresome days. With aching feet and a weary body, the last thing I wanted to do most days was worry about cooking dinner... The extra bonus was that this pizza place came with delivery service.

The early morning client that would bring in a dozen doughnuts ., to share with my co-workers ..YUMMY!

We loved this because during the holidays, we were especially busy and did not always have time to eat.

I also loved receiving scented candles, boxes of tea, bath and body products.

After providing years of service my clients got to know me very well. When one of my ladies went on vacation to England , she remembered me and for Christmas gifted me with a beautiful tea cup, that she bought while there, as she knew that I love collect tea cups.

The owner of the shop remembered all of us at Christmas time with a Gift card to our local grocery store.

Some brought homemade gifts of crafts or fresh baked cookies and other goodies..Loved every one.

Each gift was always appreciated no matter the cost.

Movie Tickets


Gift Basket Gift Ideas , Make your own gift baskets for an extra special holiday treat.

Gift ideas

When thinking of the kinds of gifts you would like to give, consider first, a little about the person.

Does this person have a hobby ?

Is this person a collector of sort ?

Where do they like to shop?

Do they like to read?

Favorite place to eat?

When giving make sure the person actually celebrates the occasion.

Gift cards are always great....Starbucks, or another local coffee shop, restaurants or fast food places, grocery stores And movie theaters

Gift baskets..of assorted goodies. It can be food or any other type of themed item..It can be purchased already or you can make it your self using a basket, a tin or even a gift bag..

Beauty and bath products..Purchase the product or a gift card.

Scented candles


Freshly baked cookies , breads, muffins, candy etc.

Movie tickets..or create your own gift basket with a movie , popcorn, candy and a couple bottles of soda,wine or beer.

Jar gifts are great.. and there are many ideas that would be fun to receive , and also fun to make.

Costco always has really nice packaged cookies and candy for gift giving. They also have good deals on gift cards to Disney Land,and other fun amusement parks as well as day cruises etc.,

Gift Basket Instructions - How to Make a Beautiful Gift Basket - Giftbasketappeal ,

How To Make A Beautiful Gift Basket

Learn how To create your own decorative gift basket

This video offers detailed instructions on how to make a beautiful gift basket for any occasion. You will learn how to make an elaborate bow, organize the items inside the basket and wrap the basket with cellophane.


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    • faythef profile image

      Faythe Payne 5 years ago from USA

      carol7777....I especially love TJ now that my daughter tells me they have no GMO's

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Love Trader Joes and also you have some great ideas. Love the pictures and a reminder I need to take a quick or not so quick trip to TJs.


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