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Tsum Tsum Party

Updated on May 20, 2016

Mini Cupcake with Tsum Tsum Decoration

Strawberry Shortcake Mini Cupcakes topped with Ariel, Pluto and Goofy.
Strawberry Shortcake Mini Cupcakes topped with Ariel, Pluto and Goofy.

Stacking Up Party Fun

Tsum Tsums are the latest collection craze from Disney. These adorable stackable characters lend themselves to a fun and adorable party theme. You could do a general Tsum Tsum theme or pick a particular group of stackable friends.

Currently there are not a lot of official Tsum Tsum party supplies on the market so you will need to create most of your party decorations yourself or find some creative people who have been nice enough to create some free decoration templates you can print out to use (you'll find links to those below.) You can find everything from water bottle labels to invites for your party.

Even your party food (including cakes and treats) can be adapted to embrace your theme. Whether you are a beginner or a professional you will find some ideas that are sure to help you get the look you want. Explore images and videos to help you create a beautiful Tsum Tsum cake.

For even more Tsum Tsum party ideas click on the pinterest link in my profile.

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Poster Board & Stickers

Bravery Day Tsum Tsum Party
Bravery Day Tsum Tsum Party

Quick Party Banner

Why spend money on a custom party banner when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. All you need is poster board and markers (you will need stickers if you were not gifted with artistic skill), As you can see I used stickers.

Scribble out your message and splatter the poster board with your favorite Disney character stickers. The whole project takes a matter of minutes to complete. You will need to block out more time if your sketching out these stackable figures.

Other Ideas to Jazz Up Your Posters

  • Use a punch to add fun shapes and colors to your design. Bright colors will stimulate young party goers and will go great with a Mickey Tsum Tsum theme.
  • Glitter - Who does not love glitter? Just lightly sprinkle glitter across your the sign to add a little sparkle. This would work great for a princess design.

Party Favor Ideas

The only thing I could find available for purchase in a Tsum Tsum theme were these favor bags sold on Amazon (see ad to the right), but that's not really a problem. You could even make your own Tsum Tsum inspired favor bags easily. You just need to pick up some small paper give bags and cut out some Tsum Tsum images on card stock and glue them to the backs. You could even turn them into gift tags and tie them around the favor bags.

But what to do you put in those bags? If you are using a specific theme like Winnie the Pooh it would be easy to add some stickers or little odds and ends. If your child collects the plastic figures and has any extra you can put them aside and place them in the goody bags. This is a great use for any doubles or triples your young one has collected. The rest of the bag can be filled with fun toys and candy. Everyone will be sure to enjoy them.

Other options include:

Tsum Tsum erasers

I have seen these available on amazon and I am sure you could also find the erasers on ebay. The cost for a pack of these is relatively good when you compare it to other licensed items for the brand.

Tsum Tsum Stickers and Buttons
Available for purchase on amazon are stickers and buttons. Decorate plain bags with the stickers and add the buttons to your loot bags.

Project Activity

Tsum Tsum Party Game

Hide & Seek - Tsum Tsum Style: Hide one furry friend somewhere in your party room. The person who finds it wins their very own furry friend.
If you do try shrink art you could hide various shrink art designs. At the end of collection time the person who found the Tsum Tsum inspired shrink art character will get a furry Tsum Tsum friend.

Bean Bag Toss Using Tsum Tsum - This game is best done with the furry Disney Store character version. Just set up a few baskets and have your guests shoot 3 Tsum Tsum at the baskets across the room. Make up different point values for each bucket. The contestant that scores the highest can win a small prize or the right to go first at the next activity.

Use What You Have

Does your child collect Tsum Tsums? If so why not save a few dollars and use their furry friends as party decorations. Stack them up on dessert tables or place them in a funky glass vase.


Tsum Tsum Freebies has put together downloadable water bottle labels that you can use to decorate your party. There is even a cute minion design that you could choose to use if you are throwing a specific themed tsum tsum party. You can find anything Tsum Tsum inspired from invites to cupcake toppers at this site. It is a great party resource.

Another great resource is Daisy celebrates where you can find links to printable cupcake topper designs and tsum tsum styled bingo card game. Just print the pdf's off your computer to use.

Easy Way to Decorate

The easiest and fastest way to the look you want is to use your Tsum Tsums to decorate your cake or cupcakes; not the plush cuties you get at the Disney store but the plastic stackable figures sold by Jakks Pacific. The Jakks Pacific figures can easily be washed off when they are removed from the cupcake. This is not the case with the furry version.

A middle sized Pluto was used on this mini cupcake. The large size would be needed for a regular sized cupcake. You could try to stack a few on each cupcake but you will want to make sure they are adhered to the cupcake securely with icing (especially, if you plan to travel with your treats). Of course you could quickly assemble the figures on site.

If your local bakery does not have a Tsum Tsum cake design. You can turn a plain Jane cake into a party jewel by sprinkling a variety of character and sizes on the cake.

Decorating Your Cookies

Cookies Anyone?

This is a quick video that give you some ideas on how to decorate cookies while employing a Tsum Tsum theme. I particularly like how he used a tooth pick to smooth out the icing to give it a nice polished look.

I think the Donald Duck cookie is my favorite design. Which do you like?

In addition I found this tutorial for making piglet and pooh tsum tsum cookies on the blog Bento Monsters.

Inside Out Goes Tsum Tsum

Decorating Your Tsum Tsum with Fondant

The above video shows you how to create Inside Out character cakes in this 3 part video series. I love how she got the shape for her characters. I had never thought about using a can in that way before. This is a great video to inspire you to create other characters.

Making this cake does not seem like it would be hard to manage. Never worked with fondant? No problem it is easy. Check out my fondant tutorial for beginners.


Disney Style Tsum Tsum Cake Pops

I always find cake pops hard to do. Just getting an even coat to cover is challenging (or getting the chocolate not to seize before you even begin). But if your proficient at cake pop decorating than it might be fun to give these Tsum Tsum inspired friends a try.

I particularly like the Donald Duck treat. It is so adorable. You can find more about this dessert at Cake Décor(just click the link under the picture)


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