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Valentine's Ideas for Women You Want

Updated on February 6, 2018
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Mystee is a writer, entertainer and entrepreneur. Her column, Ask Mystee, has a large following. You can ask her questions: askmystee@gmail.

What a Woman Wants

You see her every day. In the office. At the coffee shop. Running at the gym. Where ever she is, you make a point to run into her and say hi. Valentines Day is a great time to make a move on the woman you want. Following are some ideas to help you make a great impression on the girl of your dreams!


Gift Ideas That Won't Break the Bank




Your Devotion

Flowers Make a Great Impression

You know where she works, right? Well, get some flowers delivered to her at work. You don't need to know her exact schedule. They will find their way to her.

You can go the expensive route, and have a beautiful bouquet of roses delivered to your sweetheart. Or, you can be creative, save money and score points.

First, see if you can find out what kind of flowers she really likes. Sure, roses are nice, but think outside the box. Once you find out, get yourself to a flower store, or to the floral department of any grocery store, and see what you can find.

Buy several inexpensive arrangements, then find a vase. You might even have one at your house. Put all the flowers into a nice arrangement and deliver it yourself, with a sweet note. You don't have to hand them to her, if you're shy, but you'll get extra points if you suck it up and hand them right to her.

Candy is Dandy


Women Love Chocolate

Win your way to her heart with chocolate. Yes, every woman is always on a diet, and most of us swear we never eat candy. Not in public, we don't. In real life, we eat it in our cars, before bed in our pajamas, and even for breakfast. The truth is, women love chocolate. You cannot go wrong if you buy her candy.

Chocolate hearts are beautiful but can get spendy. If you really want to spend money, Godiva is the best chocolate. Don't bother with the cheap candy fill hearts at Walmart. Most of that chocolate is nasty.

Instead, if you are trying to save money, try a candy bouquet. See the picture above for ideas, then make one. You can deliver it to her office for extra bonus points.

Cards and Notes Tell How You Feel


Say it With a Letter

Girls love to receive cards, notes and letters. We also like emails and texts, but they aren't nearly as romantic. Nothing beats a sweet handwritten note from a man who loves and adores you.

You don't need to purchase a fancy card. You can if you'd like, but be sure to write a personal note inside. Don't just sign your name. Getting a card in the mail is nice, as is getting one at the office.

You could also leave a note on her car, at her desk, or anywhere else she's likely to find it. Write a note and leave it where she'll surely see it, but won't expect.

If cards aren't your thing, then send an email. Be careful though, not to be too formal and business like. And don't cross the line into crazy x-rated emails, unless you are already deeply involved and you know it will turn her on. Be careful though. You don't want to make her mad. You want to make her hot for you. Make her long for you.

If nothing else, send her a sweet text and tell her all the things you like about her. Texts won't be your best bet, but it will work if you use it along with some of the other suggestions.

Hopelessly Devoted to YOu

Your Devotion Matters

If you really want to be with a girl, don't be a player. Sure, it's fun to date lots of different women, and it can be rewarding to keep lots of women on the hook. But if you really want one girl, then you need to stop playing games and devote yourself to the cause.

Girls like men who can make a commitment. We like men who shower us with devotion, adoration, and love. If you're spreading your love around, chances are, she won't be interested in you for long.

You don't have to whine like a little baby, but devotion goes a long way to winning over your woman's heart. Show her that you are committed to her above all others. You don't have to worship the ground she walks on, but you can treat her with respect, adoration, and your devotion and desire.


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