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What Kind Of Vampire Costume Should You Wear For Halloween?

Updated on September 16, 2016

Halloween is the best time for terrifying monsters and frightening creatures to be roaming and wandering around terrorizing people and driving them mad with fear. If your aim for the holiday in question is the aforementioned, then you certainly can't go wrong with a vampire getup.

After all, vampires are popular and well-known with many stories written about them so it's no wonder that you can find multitudes of vampire costumes to choose from.

Elegant Costume

Vampiress Of Versailles Adult Full Length Ball Gown Costume
Vampiress Of Versailles Adult Full Length Ball Gown Costume

However, even for those that don't really want to look scary for Halloween, a vampire outfit is still a good choice since there are also vampire costumes that aren't scary at all.

So, how can you choose which vampire costume to wear for Halloween?

Vampire Costumes

With vampires being so popular, there are actually many different kinds of costumes that you can find out there if you want to dress up as one.

It's great if you already have something in mind, however, what if you still haven't decided what kind of vampire costume you want to wear for Halloween?

Short Costume

Fang Bangin' Fun Vampiress Sexy Costume - Short Dress With Cape
Fang Bangin' Fun Vampiress Sexy Costume - Short Dress With Cape

Seeing a wide variety of vampire getups, which only differ in their styles and designs can make it harder for you to choose what you want to wear especially if you think they all look fitting for Halloween.

To help you decide, you could consider categorizing these vampire costumes so you won't have to look at all of them and you can then narrow down your choices.

How do you want to look for Halloween?

What colors do you want your costume to have?

These are just some of the questions you should consider when trying to decide what the right costume for you is.

Here are some of the ways that you could categorize and narrow down your search for Halloween vampire costumes:

What kind of vampire costume should you wear for Halloween?
What kind of vampire costume should you wear for Halloween?

Elegant Vampire

Fun World Versailles Vampiress Costume
Fun World Versailles Vampiress Costume
This entire costume screams elegant, doesn't it?

If you have no plans of scaring people or looking terrifying on Halloween, you could go with costumes that look elegant and marvelous.

These are the kinds of costumes that are sure to draw people's eyes on you and your fabulous-looking outfit.

A good example is the InCharacter Costumes Vampiress Of Versailles Adult Full Length Ball Gown Costume, which really serves to show that even vampires can look elegant.

This full-length gown is very detailed from the patterns and designs of the red part of the dress to the black bat-shaped bows. The choker collar with skull is even included with this gorgeous costume.

Short Vampire Costume

Fang Bangin' Fun Vamp Costume - X-Large - Dress Size 14-16
Fang Bangin' Fun Vamp Costume - X-Large - Dress Size 14-16
This costume includes a removable cape, belt, choker with ring and even vampire fangs

Who says that vampires have to wear full-length gowns in order to be considered a vampire?

For those who would much rather wear a short dress or a skirt, you can still dress up as a vampire thanks to costumes like the Fang Bangin' Fun Vampiress Sexy Costume.

This particular costume may be short, with it only reaching up to your knees, but it certainly looks sweet and lovely.

One of the best things about this costume is how many items are included with it.

You get the cool-looking cape, which is actually removable, as well as the belt, choker with ring and even the vampire fangs.

Scary Vampire

Scare people with this outfit

Nightmare Black Widow Costume Women
Nightmare Black Widow Costume Women | Source

If your goal is to scare people this Halloween as well as to have the most terrifying costume of them all, then focus your search on the outfits that really look scary.

You'd do well to look at all the dark-colored ones since black can signify darkness, evil, and can even instill fear in others.

You can go with a costume like the Nightmare Black Widow Costume Women Medium (8-10), which is prominently black and certainly looks creepy.

Notice that the outfit doesn't actually say it is a vampire costume.

However, looking closely at said costume, you can see that it looks like it could also pass off as a vampire costume.

So if you see a costume that could look suitable as a vampire getup, don't hesitate to check it out even if it doesn't have vampire as part of its name or title.

And remember that it's not just your costume that can make you look scary. It's also in the way that you act as well as the makeup, props and accessories that you add to complete your frightening appearance.

Dark Black Vampire Costume

The color black speaks of darkness, mystery and can even be a portent of doom, not to mention evil.

So, what better way to showcase these traits and more than by donning a dark black costume like the Red Black Lace Cape With Wings Classic Vampire Vampiress Costume?

With this outfit on, you get to look glamorous especially with the black lace cape with collar, which helps to add to your vampire look. while also giving off an air of intrigue.

Blood-Red Vampire Costume

While blood is not the only red-colored thing in this world, it is certainly something that can get people to feel fear and unease.

After all, who wants to see dead bodies lying in a pool of their own blood, unless we're talking about books, games or movies in which case, it wouldn't matter so much since none of it would be real.

Remind people of the red color of blood and get them to feel scared by wearing crimson outfits like the Rubie's Costume Secret Wishes Countess Cold Crypt, Red, Large.

This dark red costume certainly looks like that of a vampire thanks to that long cape and the collar.

Vampire Queen Costume

Vampire Queen Adult Costume
Vampire Queen Adult Costume | Source

Be a vampire while also being of royalty and nobility at the same time by donning costumes like the Vampire Queen Adult Costume, Includes Long, Satin Dress, And Cape.

You could be the queen of all the other people who decided to dress up as vampires for Halloween.

While the aforementioned costume can already make you feel and look like a vampire queen, you could still opt to don a crown to really distinguish yourself from the rest of your loyal vampire subjects and followers.

You could get a black-colored one or even a red-colored crown or even just a headpiece or headdress of some sort.

Vampire Fairy Costume

Vampire Fairy Adult Costume With Wings
Vampire Fairy Adult Costume With Wings

It might seem surprising and even strange but, apparently, it's actually possible to combine fairies and vampires so you can get a vampire fairy costume like the Vamp Fairy Adult Costume Vampire Wings Goth Gothic Theatre Costumes Sizes: One Size.

With this, you can easily be both a vampire and a fairy at the same time.

This is a perfect choice especially for those that are having a hard time deciding on whether to dress up as a fairy or a vampire for Halloween.

This particular vampire fairy costume includes the wings that you can see in the image.

These wings have an interesting and unique look and design to them, which appears to effectively combine the vampire and fairy look into one.

Unfortunately, the black-colored wand isn't included with this costume.

But if you really want one to complete your vampire fairy look, there are many wands that you can get as props and accessories for your costume. You could get a dark-colored one to really look like one of those midnight and shadow-type fairies.

Have you already found the right vampire costume for you?

See results


These are just some of the various kinds of vampire costumes that you could wear for Halloween.

With so many different outfits to choose from, you can surely find what you're looking for. Just remember to narrow down your choices so you won't get overwhelmed with too many options.

And remember that you don't have to be a vampire for Halloween if you don't want to be one. You can be anyone you want such as witches, ghosts, zombies and the like. You could even add some jewelries with a Halloween theme and design to help complete your costume and look.

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© 2013 Ceres Schwarz


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