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What the big deal about Valentine's Day anyway?

Updated on February 27, 2013

The Heart Knows

It’s nearing springtime, with winter doing its best,

And soon, Valentine’s Day will arrive.

Stocked shelves are filled with goodies and all the rest,

Perhaps your cute Hallmark card will survive.

A fat cherub named Cupid roams about,

Striking unsuspecting persons with arrows of love,

Infecting for a season people with doubt.

Could it be this time, its real love?

Only once a year must we show,

To special persons who mean so much?

Yet in our hearts, the truth we know,

Still we gather cards and candy, flowers in a rush.

If I were to love again, I want it to last,

No marketing slogans created for money.

I want someone to party with and have a blast,

Someone to love forever, calling them honey.

Not this year Cupid, keep away,

You’re not wanted or those heart-shaped lances.

I’m going to avoid shopping, at least ‘till May!

Without you, the right person will make advances.

I’m actually learning to love myself.

And there’s no proof I need someone at all.

Plenty of past-year’s cards sit on my shelf.

Alas, who am I kidding? I'm waiting for them to call.


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    • davidcharder profile image

      davidcharder 5 years ago from Show Low, AZ

      Thanks miss_jkim for your comments (i.e, feel-good-warm-fuzzies) - ones like this mean a lot to me as a struggling author (not to mention I'm becoming a groupie following your poetry, and admire so much). You're inspiring me to branch out. Thank you my friend.

    • miss_jkim profile image

      miss_jkim 5 years ago

      I love it! We try so hard to be tough, but we all long for someone to love and someone to love us. But also true is the fact that we must first love ourselves and maybe that's where we fall short most of the time.

      Write on my friend!