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What’s a Good Housewarming Gift?

Updated on December 29, 2015

Need to know what’s a good housewarming gift? These house warming present ideas are useful, decorative, festive, even inspirational, and will work for women, men, and the family. I've been a new home owner multiple times now. These are some of the best housewarming gifts we received and a few extras I know others have appreciated or we would have enjoyed.

Cordless Drill as a Housewarming Gift

Every new homeowner needs a cordless drill to do every day simple projects and major repairs, such has hanging pictures to fixing the fence that fell down in the storm. Even if your gift recipient has an old drill, it's still likely that a brand new one will be greatly appreciated. There are many highly rated drills, but the DeWalt is one of the best because it will run efficiently for years and comes with a charger and spare battery. The spare battery is the must have. Don't even bother giving a drill as a gift unless it comes with the extra battery.

Welcome Mat for the New House

Every house needs a welcome mat, and a new homeowner certainly deserves a new one. Buy a pet one for the pet lover, seasonal for a generic pick, flowery for the gardener, or funny for the jokester.

Picture Hanging Kit Gift Basket

New home means hanging lots of pictures and other decorations. Put together a picture hanging supplies gift basket as your housewarming gift. In it put a new hammer, picture-hanging kit with assorted pieces, a stud finder, and a laser level. Oh, and add some sharpened pencils. Those may end up being the most appreciated for the task.

Garden Gifts

If your friend or family member is looking forward to spending time in their new garden, then gardening supplies are an obvious choice. And there are some tools you can never have too many of. The Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy filled with new Fiskars gardening tools (really one of the best brands and you do have to buy these separately), and seed packets makes a great gift basket.

What’s a Good Housewarming Gift?

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Other Yard Supplies

If a lawn or big backyard is also new to the home owner, then they will need yard tools they probably have never owned. Some ideas depending on your budget include a compost bin, shovel, rake, lawn mower, rain barrel, and Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum combo unit.

Christmas Yard Decorations

Even if it's not the holidays yet, if your new homeowner loves Christmas, then a new home needs new holiday law decorations. Get them started with a simple moving reindeer, or with something more unique to add to their collection.

Wall Art

You do have to be carefully buying any kind of décor as a housewarming gift. Only give this as a gift if you really know the new home owner's taste and style, otherwise what you think is a great housewarming gift idea will be an awkward gift opening.

What’s a Good Housewarming Gift: Getting More Ideas

To find more new home gift ideas, you will need a sneak peek at the house before buying a gift. Look around the house and see what's new compared to where they lived before. Does the new home have a bar? Then it will need stocking with wine glasses, margarita machine, or even a popcorn maker. Are there more bedrooms or bathrooms than before? Then those will need linens and bedding. If the patio is new, patio furniture or plants are a good idea.


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