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The Top Marijuana Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on September 17, 2014

Marijuana related costumes

Halloween is right around the corner. It seems like it was just last week that I was getting hammered at the Annual Halloween Ball. But I'll write about that on a future date.

Now that I have your attention we need to start thinking about costumes. We need to come up with some fantastic Halloween costume ideas, because it's almost here. Time is minimal as might also be the case with your budget so we must think about moderate priced ideas for a great weed related Halloween costume.

Take a look at all these great marijuana Halloween Costumes and ideas.

What do you think are the best low priced weed related Halloween costumes?

If you want to get your costume from the 1 dollar store, that might be fine for you but I don't think you'll find much marijuana accessories for your get up. You might already have some items at your home but lots of people really don't have the time to make a really good do it yourself Halloween costume at home.

So what can we do?

I'm going to get an unforgettable costume for Halloween Night or whatever date the Halloween Ball is being held this year. A marijuana Halloween costume is guaranteed to be noticed. No more devils, mummies, zombies, witches, Frankenstein monsters, and vampires.

A lot of famous people smoked weed, dead or still living, and in most scenarios they are definitely an ideal marijuana related Halloween costume idea. You can always brighten up the room when dressed as superstars, from Presidents to your most up-to-date pop legend. Heroes from motion pictures such as The Green Lantern, or any superhero like Super (high) man, Green Avatar and The Hulk , are regularly chosen as best costume in Halloween costume contests. I would like to see a Green Lantern costume with a weed leaf where all his regular logos are and of course his green chronic ring.

These Marijuana Halloween costume ideas below ought to supply you with a great amount of options to act on, and also some tips to help make the Halloween costume you buy guaranteed to get you mad props.

Have a spectacular Halloween!


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    • shrubber profile image

      shrubber 5 years ago from USA

      I can't wait until Halloween!