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What's the Deal with Halloween?

Updated on October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

How did carving a Jack O'Lantern get associated with Halloween?
How did carving a Jack O'Lantern get associated with Halloween? | Source

Happy Halloween!

The Origin of Halloween

One the World's Oldest Holidays

Halloween is taken very seriously in some cultures

Halloween, otherwise known as All Hallow's Eve, comes every year on October 31; no matter what day it falls on. It's been suggested that Halloween is over 2000 years old, and was brought to us by the ancient Celt festival Samhain. Samhain was more commonly found celebrated mostly in regions of the United Kingdom, Ireland and even in northern parts of France.

Halloween wasn't just chosen to be on October 31, it just so happens to be the day before November 1 (makes sense). However, November 1 is All Saints Day which is dedicated to ALL saints and martyrs. So, the evening before All Saints Day, people would celebrate by dressing up in scary costumes to confuse and ward off evil spirits, witches, goblins, monsters, &c. to ensure a safe and evil-free holiday. And so, (eventually) the evening before All Saints Day, no matter what particular religion you were (or none at all), people still celebrated Halloween. All Saints Day is still celebrated by those who are considered very religious which to some consider Halloween a celebration in recognition to Satan or any other demonic demon.

Although, All Hallow's Eve can be be found celebrated throughout most of the world, it's most customarily celebrated by children. This is mainly because they simply dress up (usually in a scary costume) and go house-to-house demanding candy (aka "trick-or-treating").However, most people do prefer scary costumes, but nowadays, this is NOT necessary. It seems any sort of costume can ward off evil beings and deities these days.

Is Halloween a Satanic Holiday?

Do you consider Halloween a Satanic Holiday?

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Wizards & Witches

Actual witches, who follow the Wiccan religion & celebrate Halloween religiously, are NOT evil.
Actual witches, who follow the Wiccan religion & celebrate Halloween religiously, are NOT evil. | Source

Was Halloween Always Intended to be Scary?

You'd be Surprised what some People don't Know about Halloween

It's NOT all Ghosts & Goblins

Halloween will always be a time of superstition, mystery & tomato soup.

No matter if you believe in superstitions or not, nobody is immune to it's sometimes deadly or near-fatal affects. Halloween should NEVER be taken lightly, even if you don't believe in such things, Halloween should always be respected. People often raise fear over things they don't understand.

Remember watching on television (or in the movies), when people would dance around huge bonfires wearing animal heads and skins (usually from a goat)?

Or maybe you do it yourself...

...the point I'm trying to make here is that Halloween is the day when the Celtics would actually do these things.

It's true!

It wasn't considered a "satanic ritual". This was done in order to bring good fortune for those who are about to go through a very harsh winter. These Celtics would throw crops in these gigantic bonfires as a sacrifice to their Celtic deity and/or god while wearing these animal carcasses. While celebrating, they would share each others dreams and wish others good fortune for the near future ahead.

That doesn't sound scary...does it?

But then, when other people from other religions (usually the Pentecostals) would witness these strange & unusual events, they right away considered them to be Satanic.

If you'd like to know more...

A Personal Story about Halloween

Halloween is my FAVORITE Holiday

I take Halloween Seriously, but NOT that Serious

I love scaring people, but I HATE being scared!

One year, I decided to run through my neighborhood in a scary hooded mask made from the leg part of an old pair of thermal underwear (aka "long-johns). I wore a pair of old, dark stained bluejeans & a dark gray pullover hoodie. The thermal mask with just the eye holes cut out, made me look a psycho killer.


I was creeping around a neighbors house when I noticed two women walking a small child. They were obviously walking the neighborhood taking the child trick-or-treating.

I found my target.

I decided to back track and go from behind the house. I went a couple of houses ahead of them and very stealthy-like, crept to the front yard.

I just stood there.

The two women and the small child continued on down the sidewalk and were about to approach the house where I was standing (in the front yard). To them, I looked like a made-up dummy that was being used as a scary Halloween decoration.

"Wow. That looks like a real person," I heard one of the women say to the other.

They continued up the walkway to the house getting ready to ring the doorbell to announce their presence.

Still...I just stood there.

The door opened and the small child yelled out, while holding out his bag of candy, "Trick-or-treat!"

"Oh my," the lady who answered the door said back. "Here you go." She threw in some candy and the three of the them were about to walk away, when one of the ladies stopped and asked a question.

"That's a real looking dummy you have in your front yard."

The lady looked puzzled. "Dummy...what dummy?"

She then pointed in my direction and said, "That dummy right..."

Before she could finish her sentence I took off running right passed them. They were all in shock. In fact, one of the ladies who was escorting the child screamed in terror. The neighbor lady slammed the door shut.

Honest! She slammed her front door leaving the other women and a small child to fend for themselves.

Sad - but hilarious nonetheless.


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    • James Peters profile imageAUTHOR

      James Timothy Peters 

      6 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      Thank you so very much. I was beginning to think I was the only one who enjoyed the holiday. Either that, or my HUB just really sucked.

      Thanks again for your input...Write On!

    • VeronicaFarkas profile image

      Veronica Roberts 

      6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Fascinating! I -for one- looove Halloween & all of its appeal. :) Voted up & interesting.


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