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Why New Year's Resolutions Dont Last

Updated on December 23, 2010

Its about this time of the year when we start thinking about the past, we reflect on the positives, maybe dwell on the negatives, but regardless, we also look to the future with optimism. It’s a time where we can re-invent ourselves. Whatever psychologically it is about starting at January 1st, from simply turning the calendar over, or the fact that socially it’s a bandwagon approach, there is an energy that seems to be created to do things differently. However, for most people, this rarely lasts longer than a few weeks at best.

The energy created from the sheer number of people all aiming towards some personal objective is enough to get anyone excited and optimistic. All charged up to hit the gym, to quit smoking, to spend more time with family. But all too often, those workouts seem to get missed, that cigarette finds its way to get smoked, and families get caught up in their separate lives.

The reason most resolutions don’t last, is because they are typically made in an atmosphere of good intention charged with the psychological energy created by starting fresh. The simple fact is, every single day offers the same opportunity. Yet even knowing this, people are willing to wait until January 1 to start their agenda.

Why wait?

If it is something you want to do to improve your life, why wait until January 1. Wouldn’t it make sense to start it immediately. But we don’t, we sit and wait until 12:00:01am. Its already set up as a contradiction. We’re saying we want to change, but we have to wait for the change to happen. This divide of intention is what gets manifested into your actions. If it wasn’t important enough to start immediately, what would make you think its important enough to stick with it and make it last.

The best way to make a resolution stick, is to start it immediately. One day is what we are somewhat certain about. One day at a time. Day after day, doing what we resolve to do is the only way to make any resolution stick. But it must be “resolved” within, with commitment, desire and action. Inaction….waiting till the New Year, is setting yourself up for failure. There is no time like the present.

So when you’re sitting there thinking about what you’d like to change, make different, improve in the upcoming year, recognize that the calendar, the date, is not what is important. It’s you and your willingness to either start the change now or join the list of millions who forget all about their goals by the time we roll the calendar to February.



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