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Women 2010 Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 26, 2010
halloween women costumes,jadazie,
halloween women costumes,jadazie,

Halloween may be the perfect excuse to bring out your inner feminine side and look your best. Whether you will go through the sexy, evil, innocent or romantic route, your costume will likely emphasize your looks and grant an evening packed with fun. When it comes to Halloween costumes for women, you may be surprised by the plethora of choices to sort through. If you are bold enough you can go choose a costume that shows off your goodies, or if you are a bit bashful, you may  simply look at more traditional costumes but add a sexy spin to it. 

Women Halloween Costumes for 2010

To each year its own. Every Halloween seems to be scattered by a trend of costumes. This year's costumes seem to mostly revolve around the greatest movie hits bringing famous characters back to life. Following are some of the most popular costumes for this Halloween 2010. 

• Wonderland Queens

With Alice returning to the magical world from her childhood adventure, we will certainly see many sexy Alice in the Wonderland costumes along with white bunnies and queen of hearts. There are many versions of these costumes some straightforwardly sexy, while others are much more composed. It's ultimately your choice which route to go.

• Jersey Shore Costumes

This popular reality television series airing on MTV has caused a craze for Jersey Shore costumes for this coming Halloween. Dress up as your favorite characters from Jersey Shore by going to a party wearing a sexy Snooki black dress costume or a sexy leopard costume Dress. You will surely be a big hit!

• Lady Gaga Costumes

Decided you want to look like Lady Gaga this coming Halloween. Despair not, as there will be plenty of Lady Gaga costumes and accessories for your to wear.  Find yourself a nice wig or if you want to really look realistic, invest in a hair bow that is ready to clip on. You can even find Lady Gaga gold lightning bolt stickers just as seen in the Lady Gaga Poker Face video.

• Avatar Costumes

With the Avatar craze, do not be surprised to see many Na'vi Avatar characters coming to your door for treats. For women who loved the movie, Neytiri costumes and accessories are a must. No need to paint your skin blue, simply wear  a blue jumpsuit and adorn it with an apron and gauntlet.

 Of course, other traditional costumes such as vampires, nurses and fairy tale costumes will abound. It is totally up to you if you want to bring to life a movie character or assume a more traditional role. This is the best part of Halloween, you get to be what you have always dreamed to be but never dared to in every day life. Have fun this Halloween and unleash your inner feminine side; you will be granted a day packed with fun. Happy Halloween!


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