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Easter and Springtime Activities

Updated on April 13, 2012

Easter is a time for family and fun, in the first part of this hub I will talk about fun things to do in spring and then the second half will be all about Easter, and activities associated with it.

  • When I think of spring veggies gardening come to mind. Spring salads and veggies CAN be fun! Get a packet of seeds small pots and some dirt. Set up the table with newspaper and let the children plant and watch them grow. You can also get a couple herb plants to take home and grow, save money on herbs!
  • Snack on red bell peppers and makeup veggie trays of carrots and eat spring veggie salads. The children can Assist you with cutting the celery and peppers, or have them stir the salad dressing. (age appropriate). You must be with your child while doing this.
  • Visit your local farms or feed stores, they usually have baby rabbits and chickens. Most stores wont let you hold the chicks but they are cute to look at.
  • Play hide and seek with a stuffed bunny rabbit.
  • Do the bunny hop dance/ kinda like the conga only hop three times forward.
  • Host a Mad hatters springtime tea party, invite the neighborhood! Everyone who comes must have a funny hat, or you can have a funny hat making station when guests arrive. You can Serve herbal teas and scones, or have a dessert potluck.
  • Get out some vegetable catalogs and have the kiddos pick out the veggie photos and make a collage or have them help you cut out coupons for "spring savings"
  • Plan a garden! Get a veggie catalog and flower catalog and have children help you pick out what veggies and flowers they like and then eat some veggies while highlighting ones they want to grow in your gardens.
  • Spring into action walking group host a walking group, get the neighborhood involved. Do the eye spy game during the walk.
  • "Host a Bunny Day " or "Bunny Visit". Borrow a bunny for the day or two days. Pay the place 10.00 bucks on the condition that you get to bring the bunny& cadge back, most places will go for it since some bunnies are not very pricey.
  • Go on a country drive and visit a farm.
  • Host spring time tea parties
  • visit flower Fields peony, rhododendrons, and tulip fields.
  • Make a flower collage
  • Go and get some fun springtime patches like lady bugs and press them on some jeans or a jacket
  • Make spring bracelets with lady bugs on it or the child's name. Oriental express is a fun site to get all kinds of ideas.
  • Have a spring fling clothing exchange. Get together with friends and host a clothing exchange night.
  • Spring into action. Get a local neighborhood watch going, or host a monthly community potluck dinner. Potlucks are great for hard times because each family can focus on one dish and each dish is so tasty! You can also make theme dinners, and host it at different homes each time. This is a great way to save money on dinner while enjoying the bountiful choices.
  • Spring cleaning~ host a free spring cleaning for elderly in the community. many times elderly are so appreciative and in turn you feel great about helping the community.
  • Spring into green! Do some green learning, possibly host a green luncheon and tea with educational speakers for green awareness, start riding bikes during the summer, like "Biker Girlz" groups etc. save on gas, get an electric scooter group going or Carpool.

Easter Activities:

  • MEGGA HUNT! Fill eggs with quarters and dimes for the older kids / you can even fill one egg with a dollar or fill one egg with 5 dollars for a big fun event. older ones love the cash. and that saves on the cavities form chewy candy.
  • Let the children make their own Easter baskets. Buy a basket at the dollar store, and put 10.00 bucks in one egg, when they wake up Easter morning they find a basket with just one egg. When they open it and find a ten dollar bill they are happily surprised! You could even put a 20.00 depending on your budget. Its pretty fun for them to get their own stuff at the dollar store or any store you choose.
  • Paint eggs. get some fake eggs at the dollar store and some acrylic paints and paint them.
  • Practice egg hunting in the house let them find eggs in one room.
  • Make a huge paper mache' egg. Cover a balloon with wet gluey newspaper and let dry,then paint with acrylic paint.

I am a big advocate for spending quality time with your children. Parents who help their children learn more, will produce a well mannered child filled with happiness and love. It takes work to help a child reach his or her full potential, spending quality time with your child helps them achieve a good demeanor and keep up good behavior. Pay attention to them listen to them and really talk with them not at them, you will see a change in their behavior, I guarantee you! Sometimes children are starving for attention and do whatever they can to get attention, one way or another. Do not reward bad behavior, praise them when they do good. The boy and girl scouts are an excellent way to keep your child active and involved in the their community.


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  • mindyjgirl profile image

    Mindy 7 years ago from Cottage Grove, Oregon

    We are friendly here in cottage Grove and Eugene,and when I lived in K. falls people were nice there too, your neighbors watch your place while you are gone etc. It was cool, they "had your back" so to speak. People don't robbed because we all had shotguns by the door for predators of all kinds, as a kid growing up, I knew what a shotgun did and how to use it too. When I went to New York I was amazed at how unfriendly people were, I never thought that maybe I was overly friendly ,but I think we are.. LOL

  • MsQuestion profile image

    MsQuestion 7 years ago from New Jersey

    These are great activities! However, my neighbors aren't that friendly around here...things sound a lot friendlier in Oregon!

  • mindyjgirl profile image

    Mindy 7 years ago from Cottage Grove, Oregon

    Thank you! Your welcome, I love putting these types of hubs together! As an activities director, I actually incorporate many of my ideas for elders.

  • Hyphenbird profile image

    Brenda Barnes 7 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

    This has such great, fun ideas. I will do some of these with my boy! Thanks so much.