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A Christmas Spirit From a Child's Point of View -- A real Meaning After all

Updated on September 24, 2012

There was this little angel that was sent to earth on December 24th, for the bliss of his parents. His view of green and red was immediately stamped within his frail memory. The problem is, he had to leave his wings behind until eventually getting a new call from the Creator of all. " Don't ring that bell Suzy!"


Let's name our little angel Michael. I know is overrated for this time of the year, but imagine yourself writing about Christmas, with a Christmas spirit, past 3 a.m. So we grabbed what we have for this story, that we don't even know how it's going to far.


That makes you special and there is a name for this baby, right? A Christmas baby!! yep!

The only little handicap is that whatever gift you get is thrown in the same bag from a Christmas shopping... so Parents have to make sure that this little angel understands that his birthday gift is for a later hour or better yet, the next day.

So, another good thing to be born on this date is that you will always be on school break. That makes you feel like... because of your birthday, the world come to a stop-- my two kids were born on December the 7th, and December 31st.


The first thing that comes to our own mind is to get help from grandma or pop-pop. By the time Michael turns three, he is eligible to be admitted to a Pre-K3 class. I hated my first day actually, don't laugh! I was and I'm still momma's boy.


We remember certain things that happened at that age: Our yawning, as our mom fix the formula for us, the first pony ride, the first kiss from an auntie and not telling mom. our first puppy that was around way before we arrived and manages to take our pulling its tail...

Christmas gets prettier as we grow. Santa clause and his helpers and Rudolph of course. Dad getting mad at mom for using his credit card and not telling him. You see now, why men hate that 'whining' from the opposite 'band'. Sure we whine, but we call it, the Masculine scream...approved by mom and not tolerated by our puppy or little sister.. who knows!


They remember easily our first day at school, from a toddler who is coloring or scrabbling colors on a piece of colorful sheet, to the twelve grader who don't want parents around, when they are hanging out with his/her buddies. And all of you can relate to this process of growing as we all look back in time. The

I remember when I was in 8th grade, mom was having problems catching up with our Calculus and Algebra. Luckily dad, was on top of his ball game and tried his best, and he did good.

Being born on December is an actual blessing and we want to congratulate to all the parents and their daily struggle to give a child the best from experience and life. We are where we come from. Some are psychologically disturbed by Divorce and others have whatever they want.


  • It brings memories of togetherness
  • the music, even though is the same, put our spirit on 'mountain high'
  • curiously set at the end of every year, gives us a touch of thoughtfulness
  • makes our mom or dad, why not? sensitive to our need as children
  • is that time when you will get a present..and a debt too.
  • time when we realize, we had so much lights and garbage on the attic or garage.
  • increases our spirituality, since we connect with our creator and his begotten son.


So by accident we found the real meaning of this day...away from the commercialization of the season( sorry retailers), we should remind ourselves of the real meaning of this day..that is approaching to the original reason of this celebration; lets go to the Bible:

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). ...

This is like a miracle you know?

We just wrote something we didn't even know was going to be at the end of this hub. WeI feel chills and glad we finished it this way.

Have a wonderful Christmas from us and our own kids!



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