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Advent Readings - Jesus is . . .

Updated on October 31, 2017
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Lynne Modranski has been creating devotions for the Advent season for at least 25 years. She loves helping folks get closer to Jesus Christ.


the Way, the Truth, the Life and the Light

  • Jesus is the Way . . .
  • Jesus is the Truth . . .
  • Jesus is the Life . . .
  • Jesus is the Light . . .

As we make the journey between Thanksgiving and Christmas it is important to focus on who Jesus really is. With the world trying to convince us that the season is all about the decorations and the gifts, it becomes more and more difficult to remember why we celebrate Christmas. Using daily Advent devotions is a great way to keep focused on the true meaning of the season.

This is a snowy way . . . the way Jesus offers is clear and strait.
This is a snowy way . . . the way Jesus offers is clear and strait. | Source

Jesus is the Way

The First Sunday in Advent

John 14:1-6

Advent begins today. To help us focus on the reason for our celebration, this year we're going to look at verse 6 of this scripture every day during Advent. We will break it down piece by piece so we can begin to understand exactly why Jesus came into this world.

As we light our first candle, let's consider Jesus being "the Way." He said "no one comes to the Father except through me." Think about it . . . For right around 4,000 years humans had been trying to live a life that would get them to the Father. But starting with Adam right through Noah and Abraham, no one could do it. David couldn't, Solomon didn't. All of the kings messed up terribly, and even the prophets couldn't get it right. One of the most obvious messages of the Old Testament is humanity's inability to follow God's simplest direction. But God still wanted us.

Even though He knew we couldn't possibly measure up to the standards He'd set, God still wanted his creation to have a way. And into the world, quietly and without fanfare comes Jesus. Advent reminds us that Jesus came to be the only way to God, the Father. Until we cease our efforts to be good enough for God on our own, we have no hope. Today, begin (or recommit) to allow Jesus to be your Way, your Way to the Father, your Way to real hope, your Way to an Advent celebration that surpasses any celebration you've ever known before.

The Angels Speak: Daily Readings for the Advent Season
The Angels Speak: Daily Readings for the Advent Season

Angels are one of the most fascinating elements of Advent. Everyone would love to have an angel visit. This book features those angel encounters in an effort to help us focus on the true meaning of the season.


Jesus is the Truth

The Second Sunday In Advent

John 8:31-32

Jesus told us He came into the world to be the truth. And if we hold to His teaching, believe what He said and live in the fullness of that truth, it will set us free.

We use the words "peace" and "joy" a lot during the Christmas season. Our cards wish people a season of peace. The carols speak of "Joy to the World." If we stop for a moment and consider these sentiments of our holiday, we'll see that what we're really looking for is freedom. Isn't peace freedom from worries? Isn't joy freedom from the burdens that wear us down?

Jesus was born into this world to make us free, to break the chains that keep us from experiencing life to the fullest and enjoying His love in the abundance He intended. Jesus entered this life in a way that proves that material wealth is not the answer to the bondage we often feel. He came to BE the truth, the truth that would set us free.

Each week in advent we light an one more candle. So, this week we'll light two. Just as our circle gets brighter each day as we get closer to Christmas, so our lives become more free as we grow closer to the truth . . . Jesus.

The cross offers LIFE to those who accept it!
The cross offers LIFE to those who accept it!

Jesus is the Life

The Third Sunday in Advent

From the moment Jesus was born, He was destined to die. Not something we necessarily like to think about at Christmas time, but it is true. However, the dying isn't what we're focusing on this week. This week we're looking at life. Although, it's true, Jesus did come to die, it's more significant that He came to live. And not only live, but be the "life."

Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me . . . Will live forever." One of the themes of Christmas is "believe." Movies and poems emphasize the need to believe in the things of Christmas. They make it seem like believing makes magic happen. But the kind of belief that Hollywood boasts is shallow and not the kind that brings life. Jesus came to bring life, life that goes beyond this earth. Jesus was born to give life to all who would believe.This week we'll light three candles each day as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. As we do let's examine our hearts and be sure that we really believe. Do you believe that Jesus Christ really came to be the way to the Father? What about the truth that Jesus brings? Are you ready to give Him the right to control your life, to give you real life, better life, eternal life?

Jesus is the Light

The Fourth Sunday in Advent

John 8:12 & John 9:5

Jesus was pretty clear that He came to be the "Light of the World." But I am especially intrigued by His promise that if I follow Him, I'll never walk in darkness but have the light of life.This world is full of darkness and confusion. All around we see people searching for, but generally unable to find, life that has any lasting quality. I believe it's because looking for life in the midst of the world is like looking for a lost button in a dark room.

We learned last week that Jesus was born to be the life. We've read how He is the way and the truth. But the only way to find those qualities of Jesus is to be sure we are following Him so we can always walk in the light.It's no surprise that we celebrate Christmas in the northern hemisphere in the darkest time of the year. Just a few days after the Sun shines for the least amount of time, we are reminded that there is a remedy for the darkness. Jesus was born to be the Light. He came to illuminate our way and radiate with truth. So, let's be sure to follow Him, so we can have the Light of Life!


Christmas Eve

Luke 2:1-20

It's the night before Christmas. We call it a holy night. But it's only holy because we are celebrating the birth of the Way, the Truth, the Life and the Light. These words from Luke are some of the most familiar in scripture. Even Charlie Brown's friend, Linus, recited these words to help his friends understand the beauty of this baby's birth.

As we meditate on God's word one last time this advent take time to consider the power of Jesus' coming to earth. Remember that the Son of God left the perfection of heaven to walk in this very imperfect world. He came to show us the Way to heaven. He lived so that we might begin to realize the Truth of the Father's love for us. Christ died so we might have Life and He rose to be the Light of life.

It's impossible to separate Jesus' death and resurrection from His birth. We celebrate His birth because of the gift He gave us in His sacrifice and the Life He gives us through the power of His resurrection. So, as you give and get presents and enjoy this special holiday tomorrow, take care to remember the true gift of the season. Take time to truly appreciate Jesus' Life and Love and have a tremendous celebration of the Savior's birth.

© 2010 Lynne Modranski

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