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Alien Halloween Party

Updated on September 19, 2013

Alien Halloween Party Ideas

Our planet is being visited by aliens all the time. Some are friendly, some have come to study us. Others want to take over our world.

The films listed below are definitely not for small children.

Do you enjoy hunting aliens? This lens has lots of Halloween party ideas to make your Alien Halloween Party go with a bang!

Your Halloween party can be fun or scary. Is it for adults? For small children? You decide

Alien Halloween Party Ideas

alien cookies
alien cookies

With these ideas for your Alien Halloween Party, your guests will think the aliens have invaded! We have Alien Halloween party decorations, masks and more.

Make a mobile out of spaceship and planetary shapes and hang it from your ceiling. If you paint them with silver spray paint or sprinkle them with glitter, they'll look more intergalactic.

Alien Cookies

alien cookies
alien cookies

Alien cookies are delicious treats to serve to your party guests.

You can use your favourite cookie recipe. Use alien cookie cutter shapes or just make drop cookies. Green food colouring will help them appear more alien. You could also paint them with green icing.

Use three blobs of icing or M&Ms to complete the three-eyed alien look.

You can also use icing to draw spaceships on cookies or a cake.

Alien Decorations on Amazon - Alien Decorations for your Halloween Party

Great decorations for your Alien Halloween Party.

Alien Foods - Food for Your Interplanetary Guests

alien cupcakes for Halloween
alien cupcakes for Halloween

Give your interplanetary guests something to eat - so that they don't eat you and your earthling friends!

Want to make alien visitors feel at home? You can buy cookie cutters in the shape of interplanetary craft (on Earth, we call them UFOs). Use them to cut sandwiches into spaceship shapes, too.

These alien cupcakes look great. Just use green icing and add candies for eyes.

More Alien Decorations on Amazon - Alien Movie Posters

Alien movie posters make great decorations for your Alien Halloween Party.

More Aliens on Halloween - Aliens Films and DVDs for Your Halloween Party

Alien 3 Movie Poster
Alien 3 Movie Poster

Want to be seriously scared this Halloween? Check out these aliens films and grab these seriously scary DVDs to play at your Aliens Halloween Party. Plus read reviews and watch clips from these classic sci-fil films.

Sci-Fi Horror Films
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers Movies
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Alien Costumes - Alien Costumes for Your Alien Halloween Party

The aliens are invading. With these costumes as camouflage, you may be able to pass as one of them.

Alien Masks - Seriously Creepy Alien Masks

It may not be politically correct to call these visitors from other worlds "aliens". They prefer "interplanetary travellers".

These seriously creepy Alien masks will go great for your Alien Halloween Party.

Zombie Mask
Zombie Mask

More Halloween Party Ideas

More Halloween Party Ideas

Seriously scary, creepy ideas for your Halloween party. We have movies, DVDs, Halloween party costumes, decorations and more.

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There are plenty of scary Alien movies out there. What is your scariest moment from an Alien movie?

What Is Your Scariest Alien Moment? - What Is Your Scariest Moment Involving Aliens?

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