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Zombie Halloween Party Ideas

Updated on October 15, 2013

Zombie Halloween Party

Zombies are the undead. Their rotting flesh hangs off their bones while they wander the land looking for the living to attack and devour. Sound like a party? Read on.

Will your Halloween party be overrun by zombies? You need to decide - are you going to be devoured by the undead? Or will you invite them to the party?

This lens has zombie Halloween masks, costumes, party games. zombie party food and more.

Origins of the Zombie Myth

Where Did the Zombie Myth Originate?

The zombie myth is said to have originated in the Caribbean island of Haiti. Many people believe that zombies are part of the traditional African spirituality (sometimes called "voodoo") practiced in Haiti.

The zombie is said to have been raised from the dead by a spiritual practitioner or voodoo master or mistress. Once raised, the zombie is enslaved to the practitioner and has to obey his will, carrying out his or her every order.

The zombie can be ordered to attack or kill the living. If you cross a powerful voodoo many or woman - beware of the zombie!

The truth, as discovered by the anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston in her extensive research into the zombie phenomenon, is that people were given drugs which caused them to appear dead, slowing the heartbeat to the point where it was undetectable.

Having been buried, the "dead" person was dug up and given another drug which caused the person, upon waking, to become highly suggestible. Thus, the "zombie" was rendered unable to resist the orders of the person who had raised him or her.

Zombie Halloween Masks - Great Zombie Masks for Your Zombie Halloween Party

These zombie Halloween masks are essential help you look like you are ready to eat someone's brains.

Scroll down the page for more zombie Halloween masks, costumes and more.

What Is the Scariest Thing about Zombies?

What is the scariest thing about zombies?

See results

Zombies in Modern Culture

Zombies Are a Common Focus of Horror Movies

Many modern horror movies, including 28 Days Later and I Am Legend, as well as TV series like The Walking Dead, feature zombies - the undead, creatures in various stages of decay who walk around looking for the living, and attacking them and eating them.

Often, the zombies appear in crowds, even hordes, which the living have to hide from and run from. Facing a zombie attack? Good luck!

Join the party - scroll down for zombie walks.

For more about zombies and zombie movies, including reviews, DVDS, zombie action figures and more, see Post-Apocalypctic Visions. See also: Walking Dead Halloween Costumes.

What Is Your Favorite Zombie Movie?

What is your favorite zombie movie?

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Zombie Party Food - Food for Your Zombie Halloween Party

Keep the zombies fed and maybe, just maybe, they won't eat you!

Zombie Halloween Makeup - Zombie Halloween Makeup for All the Family

You can use this makeup to make yourself and your family look like a family of zombies. Perfect for your zombie Halloween party.

Michael Jackson's Thriller

DVD of Michael Jackson's Thriller

Michael Jackson Video Greatest Hits - HIStory
Michael Jackson Video Greatest Hits - HIStory

Michael Jackson's Thriller video, directed by John Landis, is the best pop video ever. MJ dresses as a zombie and dances with a chorus of zombies. Perfect to get your Zombie Halloween Party moving.

Michael Jackson's Thriller
Michael Jackson's Thriller

Zombie Halloween Party Games

Games to Play at Your Zombie Halloween Party

These are games you and your guests can play at your Zombie Halloween Party.

Hide from the Zombies

This is the zombie take on hide-and-seek. One person dies. The rest of the people, i.e., the undead, search for him or her. You must move like zombies and groan like them. The first zombie to find the hider gets to eat their brains.

Zombie Scavenger Hunt

A zombie scavenger hunt will be great fun at your Zombie Halloween Party.

Decide whether to hold your zombie scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors. If you are going to hold the scavenger hunt around your neighbourhood, be sure to advise other people in the community well in advance.

Set a time for the scavenger hunt to begin and end. Divide people into teams. As with any scavenger hunt, hichever team finds the most items wins.

Items to Include in Your Zombie Scavenger Hunt

For a real zombie invasion or uprising, you will need basic items for survival, as well as weapons to fight off the undead.

For the purpose of the scavenger hunt, you will probably want to concentrate on items you need in order to escape from, or survive, the zombies.

Protective Gear

You will want to avoid getting any zombie blood or flesh on you, so use:

thick gloves/gardening gloves



a drop cloth (for disposing of zombie bodies)

zombie area warning signs

zombie crime scene tape.

You will also need protective headgear to prevent the zombies from eating your brains.

To dispose of zombies you have dispatched, you will need items that burn, including



fire starters/torches

(If children are participating in the zombie scavenger hunt, you will want to use photos of these items rather than the actual items.)


Distance weapons are essential in fighting off zombies. Again, you will want to use photographs, rather than the actual weapons. These can include:

hand guns

high-powered rifles

at least one grenade launcher

most importantly, a crossbow. Get hold of as many as you can.

You could use toy guns or water guns to fight off the zombies. You will also want to have weapons for close combat, such as, for example,

a knife

an axe

a machete


You may want to include photographs or drawings of zombies, or zombie masks or figurines, in the zombie scavenger hunt. Decide in advance what will happen if someone finds a zombie. Will the person be killed, or turn into one of the undead?

Thriller Dancing

Not so much a game as a dance. All the zombies at the party can join in. Line up and dance like the zombies in Michael Jackson's Thriller. Check out the review of Thriller above.

Click here for free online zombie games.

More Scary Stuff for Halloween

More Seriously Scary Stuff

More lenses about seriously scary stuff - zombies, aliens, and other things that are not good for your health - but are great for your Halloween party. These lenses have costumes, masks, movies, DVDs and more.

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Zombie Walks - Zombie Walk Events

This Halloween, join the party with these zombie walk events. These are held all year round (who says it can't be Halloween every day?). You never know when zombies might invade your town, so beware!

These events are a great opportunity to show off your zombie Halloween masks, make-up or costume.

This list will continue to be updated.

What is your scariest moment involving zombies? Have you been attacked by zombies? Are you a member of the undead community?

What Is Your Scariest Zombie Moment?

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      @sharonbellis: Yes, they are,. Thanks for your comment.

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      Sharon Bellissimo 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Some of the masks today are just too realistic, I can barely look at them!

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      nice lens. I need to catch some more Walking Dead

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      @Virginia Allain: Thanks very much for your creative suggestions. Have a great day!

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      I'd like to see some links to creepy Halloween food for the zombie party too. I think there are some zombie board games that you could feature here as well.

      I'll feature this in my zombie costume lens.