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Animal iPhone Cases: Kazoo Cases for Tweens and Teens

Updated on January 28, 2013

Fun Animal Tech Cases: Kazoo Cases for Tweens and Teenagers

If you have a tween, then you are already familiar with the constant changes of interest. One day, your child acts mature beyond imagination, the next like a two year old. Tweens seem to have a tough time deciding just how grown up they want to be. I taught them for years, and I was amazed at some of their curious fashion choices. You'll find a tween girl carrying a stuffed animal around school one day and quoting Shakespeare the next. Tough time but a fun time as well. My daughter hasn't quite emerged from the stage, and I still deal with these swings in interest! When it comes to tech gifts, cases are important for protecting your investment. However, you can have a lot of fun with designs. These animal phone KaZoo cases are perfect for the age.

You'll find these are great companion gifts if you are picking out an iPhone for your tween or teen. You can also include them in Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. The cases are made for iPods as well, probably the more likely gadget in my house for a tween. However, I can see my teenagers who have smartphones making great use of these animal tech cases. You will find a variety of animals and colors available, perfect for the following:

Companion gifts for a graduation smartphone or iPod (8th grade graduation or high school)Birthday giftsEaster basketsValentines DayChristmas...great stocking stuffersYou can also include a KaZoo case in a tech themed gift basket for a tween or teenager.Find this KaZoo for iPhone 5, Blue Elephant Tech Case

Elephant KaZoo and Animal Tech Cases

If you take a look at the elephants listed here, you'll find a rainbow of color options represented. These fun cases are great for protective use, the silicone material providing a great grip to keep the designs from slipping from tween and teen hands. If you are looking for a specific color for a themed basket, you have plenty of choices. If you are looking for clever birthday party favors, you'll find that these are great for inclusion in goodie bags or in use as door prizes for games at teen and tween birthday parties.

Monkey Tech Cases from KaZoo

KaZoo for iPod Touch 5th gen, Monkey
KaZoo for iPod Touch 5th gen, Monkey

I love this cute monkey case for a tween or teenager, but he's also a great choice if you know anyone who is a fan of stuffed monkeys. Perhaps you want to do a fun roast for a boss or have a clever gag gift for a friend. They won't be made into a monkey with this fun design, right!? This design is for an iPod Touch, but there are also options for iPhones.


KaZoo Penguin Case

Penguin KaZoo Kids Protective case for iPod Touch 5th gen
Penguin KaZoo Kids Protective case for iPod Touch 5th gen

If your tween or teenager loves penguin decor and products, then this is the iPod case to choose! It's great for holiday giving, and you can even think about using the case as a gift embellishment! Whether you stuff it into a stocking or simply wrap it as is, it's a great way to address a child's interest in penguins with a relevant gift.


Great Licensed Character Animal Cases from the KaZoo Collection

There are some great characters that attract our tweens and teens as much as our toddlers. You can track down a KaZoo case for the Disney loving teenager, or you can use a cute case to protect your own iPod or iPhone when it's entertaining your tot!

You'll Find Many KaZoo Case Options Available

Designs are constantly changing, especially as tech devices are rolled out annually for big name companies. Check out the latest options right here! Also, KaZoo AUX cables and headphones are slated for release won't want to miss the fun animal themed tech accessories!

Griffin Technologies: More Than KaZoo Cases

KaZoo comes from Griffin Technologies, and while the animal tech cases are very cute and clever, I also want to throw in my personal recommendation for their Otterbox cases! I lost my first iPhone in a puddle of muddy water as I tended to my garden while answering my phone. Big mistake. While the Otterbox designs aren't waterproof, they provide a lot of insulation against bumps and drops! I had an Otterbox for nearly four years, and I only recently retired it because I tweaked it to use with a newer model of iPhone. It didn't really do the trick, and I had to get a new case to enable me to use dual facing camera features of my phone.

If you have a clumsy tween or teen, or if you just want to be safe, it's a great idea to pick out one of these double layer devices to protect your tech investment. I'd also highly recommend the insurance on a smartphone for a teenager.

More Otterbox Designs

You'll see new designs over time, and this section displays currently available selections for sale at Amazon.

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KaZoo Animal Cases

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