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Funny baby shower gifts for new moms and dads and grandmas

Updated on April 21, 2013

One of your friends is having baby. The shower has already been arranged. All you need to do is to buy a gift. But which one? You do not want to go with bottles as you are not sure if she's going to breast feed or not, nor with a pump cause that's too personal. And the diaper cake would have been a good idea but she may just go for cloth diapers.

As far as for a piggy bank, a swing, a baby carrier or sling...looks like she's already got them, as these are very useful and easy to find gifts. There is also the wipe warmer or the night time lights and sounds projector but you know she already has them from her last baby.

Of course, you could never go wrong with burping cloths, bibs, rattles and plush toys, or bath towels, but this items are small and you just want something different. Here is a small list of cool, fun and useful gifts for baby showers available on the market.

Baby Bunch Bouquet

This cool gift set could become the baby's first wardrobe, or a keepsake for parents or grandparents. Presented in a form of a bouquet of roses made out of rolled essentials, the Baby Bunch includes one sleep suit, one onesie, one T-shirt, one bib, one pair of mittens, two hats, two pair of socks and two burp cloths. All pieces are cotton and there is the option to chose organic cotton. You can order this gift in pink, blue and yellow. The price seems pretty fair considering that if you buy each piece separately it will cost you as much if not more.  

Daddy's diaper apron

So, why do we forget about dads when we go to a baby shower? No wonder some of them will not do any "dirty" jobs for their new babies. It's all upon us and we can easily fix it. Some smart people, perhaps moms, are trying to spread the message in a fun way. They have created daddy's changing diaper apron. This fun gadget comes loaded with some diaper tools.

The apron is soil resistant and machine washable and is meant to prevent any unforeseen happenings. In its two large pockets a dad can stock up his diaper changing tools of choice. This gift also includes rubber gloves and a face mask, for the dad's psychological comfort.

The magic timer

We are all creatures of our habits but when we have a new baby it is hard to understand how his/hers needs have to be fulfilled and when. Fortunately, there is a tool to help us figure it out.

Created by parents and winner of the iParenting Media Award for 2007, The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer had generated enthusiasm among parents, grandparents and caregivers. This product is basically a 4 timer that records, with a single touch, when your baby need to sleep, to eat or other necessities like which breast is next for feeding. No need to write down long lists for your nanny, just show her how the Baby Care timer works. In addition, since this machine keeps track of all baby necessities, the parents can easily establish patterns in the habits of their new family member. And more, fore such a great tool, the price is quite affordable.

Buns in the ovens Tummy Tattoos

This cool little gift will make a great impact at a baby shower. It's message is: have some fun through your pregnancy. Either you choose to stick it on your belly on a hot summer day at the beach or put it on your arm, just to let everybody know, the tummy tattoo is an expression of happiness for a mom to be. The package contains 20 temporary tattoos, FDA approved, specially designed for pregnant bellies. The designs range from cute animals and sweet flowers to fun or inspired lines.  


baby food maker baby shower gift

Baby food maker

This award winner kitchen appliance has gained the hearts of lots of parents. This baby showers gift is great for busy moms and dads that have to manage work and home duties, while keeping a baby happy and healthy. It, simply, cooks baby food with no hassle. It steams, blends and defrosts in less then 15 minutes. The product is advertised as BPA free but some moms were wondering if that's true for all parts or just for the ones that come in contact with food.

This baby food maker is very compact and fits easily on a kitchen counter. Attached is a book recipe to get you started.


Baby's first silverware

If you think you have exhausted all the ideas, or the mom has all she needs, or you were last to shop and the registry is empty, don't panic, there are more cool baby showers gifts. What about this delightful set of baby spoons? They are hand cast in lead free pewter featuring animals on the front and back of the handle for easy grip. You can go for a set of four spoons or a set of one spoon and one fork. They even come in a gift box and could be gift wrapped too.

The list doesn't stop here, just my article. The market has much more to offer, from practical to straight hilarious gifts for a baby shower. Just take your time and listen to your inner voice. And if you still cannot decide just drop me a line.


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    • cameciob profile image

      cameciob 5 years ago

      twoseven, thank you for stopping to my hub. I thought it may brighten someone's day by adding these funny gifts and make the event more unforgatable.

    • twoseven profile image

      twoseven 5 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Fun, creative ideas! This will be really useful for people looking to go off the beaten path of traditional baby shower gifts. Voted up!