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Barbie Christmas Movies

Updated on September 7, 2013

Barbie Christmas Movies Are Great Stocking Stuffers

Do you have a little Barbie lover in your life? Then she'll love getting one of these Barbie Christmas movies under the tree or in a stocking this year.

Barbie, the popular doll from Mattel, is also a film star, having appeared in more than two dozen animated movies. Three of them - Barbie: A Christmas Carol, Barbie: A Perfect Christmas and Barbie in a Nutcracker - are perfect movies to watch during the holidays. Little girls will also love to watch them throughout the rest of the year.

(Image: Barbie: A Perfect Christmas DVD. Available on Amazon. See link below.)

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas - The newest Barbie Christmas film

Barbie starred in two animated variations of holiday classics (The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol) before coming out with this original movie in 2011.

In Barbie: A Perfect Christmas, Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea get stranded in a tiny town after a snowstorm interrupts their holiday travel plans. In appreciation for their warm welcome, the sisters use their musical talents to perform for their new friends and discover that being with loved ones is what Christmas is all about.

The DVD includes several special features, including Outtakes, Perfect Christmas Music Video, Camping with Barbie and Her Sisters and a Trailer Gallery.

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas
Barbie: A Perfect Christmas

Product description: Join Barbie and her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea as their holiday vacation plans turn into a most unexpected adventure and heartwarming lesson. After a snowstorm diverts their plane, the girls find themselves far from their New York destination and their holiday dreams. Now stranded at a remote inn in the tiny town of Tannenbaum, the sisters are welcomed by new friends and magical experiences. In appreciation for the wonderful hospitality they receive, they use their musical talents to put on a performance for the whole town. Barbie and her sisters realize the joy of being together is what really makes A Perfect Christmas!


Barbie in a Christmas Carol - A Barbie remake of the classic Dickens tale

In this adaptation of Dicken's holiday tale, Barbie stars as Eden Starling, a singing star in Victorian London who is a real Scrooge. Three Christmas Spirits help show Eden the error of her ways, making her realize that it's better to give than receive.

Amazon customers give this movie a thumbs up, rating it 4.4 out of 5 stars. One reviewer said, "The story has been masterfully re-crafted so that a younger kid can watch it without getting scared; yet the message of the original tale is beautifully preserved. The ending leaves one with a happy, positive feeling."

Barbie in a Christmas Carol
Barbie in a Christmas Carol

Product description: Barbie in A Christmas Carol is a heart-warming adaptation of the classic Dickens story filled with cherished Christmas carols, fabulous fashions and lots of laughs! The tale stars Barbie as Eden Starling the glamorous singing diva of a theatre in Victorian London. Along with her snooty cat, Chuzzlewit, Eden selfishly plans to make all the theatre performers stay and rehearse on Christmas Day! Not even Eden's costume designer and childhood friend, Catherine can talk Eden out of her self-centered tantrum.

It's up to three very unusual Christmas Spirits to take Eden on a fantastical holiday journey that will open her heart to the spirit of the season and the joy of giving. Barbie in A Christmas Carol is a family favorite to enjoy every holiday season!


Barbie in the Nutcracker - Barbie stars in her own version of the classic holiday ballet

Barbie in the Nutcracker was released in 2001. Although Barbie had already starred in three other animated specials, this was the first full-length computer-animated movie starring Mattel's famous doll and the start of good things to come.

Barbie stars as both Clara and the Sugarplum Princess in the movie, which takes a few liberties from the traditional ballet. But it does stick to the traditional music, featuring Tchaikovsky's famous suite performed by The London Symphony Orchestra.

Barbie in The Nutcracker
Barbie in The Nutcracker

Product description: The tale begins when Barbie, playing the role of Clara, receives a beautiful wooden Nutcracker as a gift from her favorite aunt. That night, while Clara sleeps, the Nutcracker springs to life to ward off the evil Mouse King who has invaded Clara's parlor. She awakes and aids the Nutcracker, but the Mouse King shrinks her by casting an evil spell. Clara and the Nutcracker set off on a spectacular adventure to find the Sugarplum Princess, the only one who can break the Mouse King's evil enhancement. Barbie in the Nutcracker shows that, if you are kind, clever and brave, anything is possible.


Barbie has starred in three Christmas movies

Barbie Christmas Music - Click the arrow to hear samples from the Barbie: A Perfect Christmas movie

This mp3 download includes 5 songs from the 2011 Barbie holiday film, Barbie: A Perfect Christmas. The songs are:

1. It's Gonna Be Amazing

2. Wrap It Up, Stack It Up

3. The Wish I Wish Tonight

4. Perfect Christmas

5. Deck the Halls

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Which Barbie Christmas Movie is Your Favorite?

Barbie in a Christmas Carol doll
Barbie in a Christmas Carol doll

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Barbie in a Christmas Carol Preview - See the trailer for Barbie's first animated holiday movie

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I confess to never having seen any Barbie movies. My girls were not into Barbie much, but I think my granddaughter would love a Barbie Christmas movie.

    • profile image

      aishu19 4 years ago

      I didnt know they had more than 1 Barbie Christmas movies