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Batman Costumes For Halloween, Cosplay and Parties

Updated on July 31, 2015

The Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume, Black

Batman Costumes

The caped crusader is among the most recognizable superheroes around he world, and the unique look of his costume, along with the demeanor he carries himself with, makes for a fantastic choice for a Halloween, cosplay or other party costume, as the continuing number of movies and ongoing comic book stories keeps him in the minds of people, resulting in his being always an up-to-date figure to dress up as.

In other words, you won't miss when choosing Batman as your choice of costume, and there are a lot of cool ones out there to choose from.

While I usually don't recommend it totally, Batman is a somewhat difficult costume to make at home (as far as adults go), and so it would probably would be best to acquire a costume.

Having said that, there is a second option that is always fun with costuming, and that is to make a costume yourself, which while easily identifiable as the character you're attempting to emulate, is off enough to make it funny.

Sometimes the costumes that make the biggest hit are those that are so bad that they're good. Batman's look definitely has that potential.

Those Whom Wear Batman Costumes

Batman costumes are not only great for adults, but boys especially love them, and you can always dress up your family dog as batman if you want to create a photo moment for the entire family.

There is also Batgirl costumes for mom, and if you want to represent villains, you could also have a family member dress up as the Joker, or another enemy of Batman.

And don't forget his sidekick Robin, which in film, has largely been ignored or forgotten.

For those who are infatuated with zombies, you can even get a costume with of a Batman zombie.

Whichever way you decide to go, Batman and those surrounding the character, are a great option for Halloween and costume parties.

Costume Based Upon Batman and Robin Movie

Here is a very cool Batman costume based upon the look incorporated by Batman in the "Batman and Robin" movie. While the movie was a disappointment, this Batman costume wasn't, and is a testimony to geekdom's willingness to forgive and forget as long as something cool comes with it.

The detail of this Batman costume is awesome, and would be a great choice for those wanting to dress up as the Dark Knight.


Batman and Joker Costumes

In this photo we definitely have a couple of geeks dressing up as Batman and the Joker, who are a little friendlier with each other than they would have been in the show or comic book series.

Even though the Batman costume was one that was bought, it does give an idea of how being nerdy can add a fun element to the mix, such as mentioned about making a Batman costume that provides that type of humorous experience.

One thing that could be done in that regard would be to buy a Batman mask and then add your own cape and dark clothing for the costume. Or you could buy the cape and mask and make your own Batman body suit.


Chiseled Batman and Robin Costumes

Even though most films depicting Batman don't include his long-time sidekick Robin, fans of the caped crusader haven't forgotten him, and going together as Batman and Robin to a Halloween party or cosplay event is always a terrific choice.

These two costumes are great for the serious costume aficiandos, as they display a really muscular and chiseled dynamic duo.


Batman and Catwoman Costumes

While Batman is cool on his own, admittedly when including another character in the mix, the Batman costume theme looks even better.

In this case we have a Batman with his nemesis Catwoman together. That would be a great choice for couples' costumes.


Zombie Batman and Terminator Costumes

Many of you know people who must interpret everything in life based upon it being a victim of zombies, and that's the case here with Batman and the female Terminator. It's a great example of taking some existing costume material and adapting it to what you want.

For those wanting to differentiate at a Halloween or costume party that has a good chance of having more than one Batman, going as zombie Batman would be one way to ensure you'll be the only one there looking like that.


Batman Costumes

Batman is among the most recognizable off all superheroes out there, and that extraordinary costume of his is part of the legend surrounding the protector of Gotham City, and other areas of the world or universe as well.

Whether you choose more of a muscle Batman costume, or choose to adapt the costume to your own specifications and look, Batman is fantastic source material to base a costume look upon.


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