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Candy Eyes for Halloween

Updated on February 6, 2015

Candy Eyes - the Best Halloween Candy

As Halloween looms, everyone starts their hunt for Halloween candy. Halloween is all about candy - from the small sugary candies to the bigger chocolate bars that will fit snug in a Halloween candy goodie bag. even if you don't buy it for the trick or treaters, buying candy around Halloween is so much fun because there is so much to choose from!

Take a look at all the huge variety of HALLOWEEN CANDY currently available from here now

Some people go for the traditional candy to give out to trick or treaters, but why not stretch the fun that little bit further and go for candy with a it's Halloween how about something a little scary and ghoolish...I have a great idea...EYE CANDY...or rather Candy in the shape of eyes!

Believe it or not, as far as Halloween candy goes, there is a lot of eyeball themed candy out there - from candy eyes, to eyeballs on sticks. Sweet, sour, chocolate whatever type of Halloween candy is your favourite, you will get it eye-themed.

Oozing Eyeball Candy - eeeeewwwww! Edible Eyes!

Oozing Eye Balls Candy, 16 Assorted Jelly-filled Marshmallow Eyeballs
Oozing Eye Balls Candy, 16 Assorted Jelly-filled Marshmallow Eyeballs

Here is a cool collection of some of the best candies available for Halloween - all of which follow the theme of Candy Eyes!

Keep your eyes peeled (and ready to eat) as you sift through all the products available and stock up on your favourite candy and sweeties ready for Halloween!

Eye think you're going to like these Candy Eyes :)


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Eye Ball Sucker Lolly Pops...Suck on an Edible Eyeball Candy!

Eye Ball Suckers 1lb
Eye Ball Suckers 1lb

The thing that I love best about the thought of eating a candy eye ball on a stick – is that you can have it in your mouth sucking away, so no one actually realises what you have on the end of your stick. Then casually you can pull the stick out, to reveal that on the end of your stick is actually an eye! Cool, right? Like a neat little Trick or Treat gag right there and then. Perfect!

Halloween is the perfect time for weird and wonderful treats and candies – and you just can’t go wrong with this little addition to your Halloween treat selection. So, what are you waiting for? Get stocked up, pronto!


A Big Tub of Candy Eyes - Halloween tastes Awesome!

A Halloween Advent Calendar - How Cool is This???? - A must for everyone Halloween Fan!

Eye Candy Molds - Make Your Own Edible Eyes!

Eye Pop Candy Mold
Eye Pop Candy Mold

Of course, if you’re loving the idea of Halloween treats that are in the shape of eyes – you don’t have to go out of your way to purchase some fine eye ball shaped candy this Halloween. You can make some yourself!

The best thing about making them yourself, is that you have complete control about what goes into them. You can make whatever flavor you want! Also, you can make chocolate eyes, or maybe a harder candy eye…even a jelly based eye! The options are limitless! If you have an allergy, or want your kids to eat healthy, you could even sneak some vitamins into your recipe…or ensure you use natural falvoring and colors at least…beetroot is the perfect way to get a nice red eye!


An Awesome Eye Lunch Bag - Perfect to take our Trick or Treating!

These Candy Eyes Would Look Great on Halloween Cakes

Make your own Eye Candy Cake Pops

This is a great idea that I found on pinterest. these can easily be adapted to look like eyes. Just use some blue, brown or green icing, with a black centre. A little of red too, if you want them to look bloody?

This is what you do...

Oreo Truffle Pops for Halloween by cakecentral: Pulse in a food processor 1 package oreos and 1 package cream cheese. Chill and then roll into balls. Chill again. Add sticks, dip in white chocolate or colored candy melts and decorate. (Faces are made with dark chocolate.)

> Idea and Image credit: smf-tls on Cake Central

> Visit my Halloween Pinterest Board here

Candy Eyes on a Stick!


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