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Candy Free Easter Egg Hunt

Updated on March 21, 2016

Bye Bye Chocolate Bunny!

Many children associate Easter with the traditional Easter egg hunt and all of the candies and treats hidden inside each egg. However, all of these sweets can be very damaging to a children's health and well-being. Don't worry, you don't have to dissapoint your child or skip the egg hunt! There are plenty of easter egg stuffers that are not candy to replace that chocolate bunny and jelly beans. The most important thing to remember is that you are creating a lasting family keep it healthy! There are also some fun ways to make your egg hunt a little fancier as well as other non-candy Easter gifts you can put in your child's basket.

Non-Candy Egg Stuffers

Here is a list of suggestions that you can use to replace the candy in your egg hunt. Use these ideas to get your creativity flowing and I am positive you will be able to think of even more tiny treasures to use instead of sweets! Try browsing the party favor isle in your local dollar store for inexpensive ideas. Of course use your judgement if anything could be a choking hazard for little ones.

1. mini nail polish - add some dazzle to your holiday

2. bouncy balls - sure to bring a smile to any young one's face

3. temporary tattoos - i still love these!

4. plastic rings/ jewelry - make your child feel like royalty

5. Easter sayings and quotations - a fun way to remind your child about what Easter is all about

6. money - who doesn't love the this gift?

7. finger puppets - homemade finger puppets are a great and lasting toy

8. sugar free gum - occupy those teeth without the sweets!

9. chapstick - for the perfect Easter smile

10. movie tickets - let your child choose the movie

11. erasers - these come in all sorts of fun shapes and designs. many children even collect detailed Japanese erasers!

12. stickers - especially great for sticker book fanatics!

13. seed packets - a great way to begin the spring season

14. homemade coupons - for example, staying up a half hour late or extending playtime

15. band-aids - choose fun designs with your child's favorite cartoon characters

16. magnets - use alphabet magnets to learn while your play

17. bath fizzes - makes bath-time much more fun

18. seashells or unique rocks - perfect for the collecting child!

19. key-chain - I don't know about you, but when I was little I loved having a cool key-chain to show off on my schoolbag!

20. rubber stamps - a creative way to enjoy the holiday

21. small stuffed animal - a new tiny friend is always appreciated

22. confetti - a great surprise when opening

23. race cars - great for boy and girls!

24. gumball machine toys - gumball machines can have great tiny toys so keep your eye out!

25. small crayons - encourage your child to express him/herself

More Egg Hunt Ideas

Here are a few more simple yet creative ideas to keep your egg hunt fun and exciting!

  • Hide special golden eggs with the best prizes inside
  • Use flashlights before the sun comes up or in a dark room
  • Create a checklist written by the Easter bunny to make sure every egg is found
  • Open an egg and find a clue that leads to the next one
  • Write down Easter jokes and put them inside the eggs

More Candy-Free Gifts

Easter doesn't have to be about chocolate bunnies, jelly beans or any other sweet treat you can think of. You should be the one who decides what you want the focus of this holiday to be. Whether or not you are religious, there are many other items that you can give your child this Easter that will promote being active and exploring during the spring season and beyond. Here are other gift ideas that will fit into a basket which you can also hide! You can hide it in the closet or even the mailbox! Be creative and have fun!

  • bubbles - one year for Easter I received flavored bubbles! You can catch them on your tongue and receive a burst of flavor
  • Frisbee - keeps kids of all ages active
  • silly putty - a wonderful sensory toy
  • jump rope - many games exist that use the jump rope for a group of kids
  • kite - perfect for the next windy day
  • sports balls/equipment - girls and boys alike will love a new ball or glove
  • coloring books - get those creative juices flowing
  • arts and crafts supplies - think of paints, crayons, markers, beads, and more
  • bible - bookmark a special passage

What is your favorite thing to do on Easter?

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