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Cat Pictures and Jewelry for People

Updated on January 23, 2015
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Pets of all kinds have shared Yvonne's life. They seem to find her when they are in need and she helps them find their forever home.

Star Noir decked out for Mardi Gras. She says, "Need More Beads!"
Star Noir decked out for Mardi Gras. She says, "Need More Beads!" | Source

Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers

Felines have been a part of our life since we were very young. Their grace of movement and lovely form has always fascinated us, but most of all, it is their eyes that impress us. As a cat lover, through the years, I've collected various trinkets and jewelry which were fashioned after these beautiful felines.

Four kitties share my place called Hummingbird Hill. All were either rescues or foundlings. They all have their own story to tell and every one is unique. Blaze Star, Star Noir and Pepper are females. Dax is the only male cat of the tribe. I will let each tell you a little about themselves and the trinket that they prefer.

There are many out there that may enjoy an image of a feline as a gift, so I have featured a few of the most attractive necklaces, earrings and rings that I could find.

We hope that you will find this page useful in finding that special something for the kitty lover on your Valentine, Christmas or holiday gift list.

Star Noir in beads photo and other photos by Y.L. Bordelon (unless otherwise noted).

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Our Peaceable Kingdom

We have 4 cats and 2 dogs. The cats are Blaze Star (a female brown tabby), Dax (a very large orange Tom), Star Noir (a long-haired black female) and the new cat, Pepper (a short-haired female with white sprinkles). The three females showed up on our door step and we invited them in. The 18 lb. orange male was adopted from our vet's office as a 1 1/2 lb. kitten.

They all make our life happier and each has their own unique personality. We urge anyone who wants to welcome a pet into their home, to adopt one of the many who are in shelters or vet's offices waiting for their forever home.

Blaze Cat Eyes


Blaze Star

Salutations, my dear readers. My sweet lady tells me that you would enjoy hearing a bit about my life before and after finding my way to her. It all started on a cool September day in 2003. I had been on my own for awhile, drinking water from ditches and eating what I could find. I don't know how much longer I would have survived, but then I heard the man open the mailbox by the busy road, so I meowed and crawled toward him. He took me home and the rest is history.

They named me Blaze Star because of my long, beautiful legs and tail and the blazing star on my forehead. However I think my eyes are my best feature. This is why the trinket I choose is the cat eye ring. The stones look just like my eyes when I am outside in the sun, watching for that mischievous Dax . Some are even oval-shaped.

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Abigail was one of our early cats. She loved to carry around a pair of Mardi Gras beads in her mouth. Here she is posing for a Christmas picture.

Christmas Nap

Abigail in her Santa hat is on cards, bags, T-shirts, pillows and more.
Abigail in her Santa hat is on cards, bags, T-shirts, pillows and more. | Source

Dax Kitten Tie


Many of the photos and aparrel on this page are available for purchase as products in naturegirl7 Zazzle Shop. Just click the link here to visit the shop.

Both Blaze and Dax live with us on Hummingbird Hill.

Santa's Hat


Santa's Hat Postage

Oh what fun they had, but Santa never came back to visit them after Dax snatched his hat. There is also a matching card.

Play Break! Mother Cat with Playing Kitten

Kitten Love Valentine

Sometime love hurts, especially when Dax gives you a hug.
Sometime love hurts, especially when Dax gives you a hug. | Source

Dax was a very pretty kitten with his bright blue eyes and orange fur. He was full of spit and vinegar and used to pester poor Blaze, constantly hiding and pouncing on her much like the kitten in the video. He grew to be a handsome adult cat.

Cautious Star Noir

Star Noir showed up at our house one day in October.
Star Noir showed up at our house one day in October. | Source

Black Star

Bonjour. I am Star Noir, or Black Star. I found my way to my forever home after the terrible storm. It took me awhile to find the lady, but when I did, she was nice to me and she and her man gave me food. I accidentally bit the man's finger when he fed me roast beef. I was so hungry.

My life now is very different than those dark days. I have toys to play with and laps to curl in. My lady even lets me wear beads. Of all the pretty things here for humans, I like the kitties made with black diamonds. They are absolutely purr-fect.

Kitten Dax Poster


14K Gold Cat Earrings

Kitten Dax, I'm All Grown-up Now

Hi! My name is Dax. I don't look like this anymore. My lady keeps showing my baby pictures around because she says I'm so cute. I wish she'd give a guy a break. It's bad enough that I have to put up with a house full of girls. Me and my bud, 2nd Chance are the only males here. Other than that we have it pretty good with plenty of food, water from the faucet when I want it and lots of soft, warm places to sleep.

Mom says to talk about some of that fru-fru girly stuff for humans. She likes them and she feeds me, so I looked and those gold kitten earrings look sort of like me. They are shiny, too, so I pick them.

Pepper Poster


Pepper Black Cat

A Purring Good Morning to you all. I am Pepper, the newest cat at the wonderful place by the river. I was brought here after Hurricane Katrina by some well-meaning folk who lived nearby. My Lady fed me one cold winter day when my people were away. I liked it here so much that I decided to stay. It's warm inside and I don't have to chase things in order to eat, unless I want to. Life is good.

My Lady said to pick out a trinket. I like the little dangly ones because they are colorful and look like they would be fun to play with.

© 2010 Yvonne L. B.

We hope you purred. Let us know.

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    • profile image

      rio1 7 years ago

      Any of those men's cat's eye rings would make a nice Christmas present.... hint, hint

    • oztoo lm profile image

      oztoo lm 7 years ago

      Very pretty selection of cat jewelry. I like the "time to leave" cat pendant.