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Catrine DeMew

Updated on September 25, 2014

Catrine DeMew Rocks Scaris

Catrine DeMew is a Monster High doll part of the Scaris doll series.

Catrine DeMew is the 415 year old daughter of a Werecat. She finds organizing her chalks and paints calming. This perfectionist is not always satisfied with her sketches and she finds it annoying when monsters move when she is sketching them.

Catrine does not have a favorite color. She says today she likes lavender but the next day who knows. She dresses in Scaris fashion to accent her artistic ability.

As for classes Catrine prefers monster anatomy and dislikes art history. The city of Scaris is filled with art history so she does not understand why she needs to study the subject.

Buy Monster High Catrine DeMew

Monster High Travel Catrine DeMew Scaris City of Frights Exclusive
Monster High Travel Catrine DeMew Scaris City of Frights Exclusive

Monster High Catrine DeMew doll is part of the Scaris: City of Frights line. Catrine DeMew has medium length purple and pink hair. She is the daughter of a werecat.

The Catrine DeMew doll comes with a travel accessory and sketches. The doll wears a belt around her waste that holds her side walk chalk.


Catrine DeMew on eBay

Catrine DeMew has yet to show up on store shelves but you can find pre-sale listings for the Monster High doll.

About Catrine DeMew

Catrine will be one of the international students that the Monster High students will run into while visiting Scaris City of Frights. Catrine's white complexion is accented by her purple colored hair with pink streaks. She appears to have side walk chalk strapped to her belt suggesting that Catrine is a street artist. Her baggage appears as if it may have a slate to color on with chalk.

Scaris City of Frights Movie Commercial

From the clips in the preview we do not see new character Catrine DeMew hanging out with the Scaris crew. How she makes her appearance and to what her extent her character will play in the movie has yet to be seen.

New Faces in the Scaris City of Frights Line

Jinafire Long and Skelita Calaveras will be making their debut appearance along side Catrine DeMew.

Jinafire Long
Monster High welcomes new international exchange student Jinafire Long to the Scaris: City of Frights doll collection. Jinafire Long is the daughter of the Chinese Dragon.

Skelita Calaveras
Released as part of the 2012 Scaris City of Frights Deluxe Travel Doll series is Skelita Calaveras. The daughter of los eskelitos is part of three new characters releases as part of the Scaris doll line.

The Complete Scaris City of Frights Collection

Monster High Scaris Dolls
The ghouls from Monster High are heading to Scaris (home of Rochelle Goyle) to help Clawdeen Wolf chase her dream of working with couture designer Madame Ghostier. Deluxe Travel Scaris City of Frights dolls include Frankie Stein, Rochelle Goyle, Clawdeen Wolf, Jinafire Long and Skelita Calaveras. Dolls included in the budget line of Scaris dolls are Deuce Gorgon, Draculaura, Ghoulia Yelps, Catrine DeMew and Abbey Bominable.

What do you think about the addition of Catrine DeMew to the Monster High family. Is her coloring to close to that of Spectra Vondergeist? Were you excited about her reveal at SDCC 2012?

Share you thoughts an comments about Catrine DeMew.

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