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Skelita Calaveras

Updated on September 17, 2014

Skelita Calaveras Arrives at Monster High

New for 2012 is the Monster High Scaris City of Frights Skelita Calaveras doll. Released in late 2012 Skelita Calaveras is a must-have doll for Monster High fans.

The Skelita Calaveras doll is based on the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. The skeleton doll face is influenced by a Sugar Skull design, a candy used to decorate alters during the Day of the Dead.

The Monster High Skelita Calaveras doll is part of the long rumored Scaris: City of Frights collection. She comes with Sketch book, rolling suitcase, comb and stand.

It is the international exchange students first appearance at Monster High. Skelita is accompanied by fellow newbie Jinafire Long and regular Monster High students like Rochelle Goyle, Robecca Steam and Frankie Stein.

The Monster High Travel Scaris Skelita Calaveras Doll is available for purchase from

Who is Skelita Calaveras?

Skelita Calaveras is the daughter of Los Esketelos (the skeletons). She is rooted in the Latino tradition of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Her best friends are Clawdeen Wolf and Jinafire Long. Her family includes her grandmother, father, mother and brother. Her sketch book notes a pet butterfly named Nati. The back of the sketch book also shows a pet skeleton dog.

This ghoul always looks ready for a party. Proud of her Latino heritage this monster pairs traditional clothing with modern fashion. She is a fashion designer and often makes fashions for her friend and family.

Skelita's freaky flaw is she knows something is about to happen. She feels it in her bones. Unfortunately, the ghouls never knows when these upcoming events will occur.

Skelita loves doing activities that remind her of the Day of the Dead celebrations. She likes dancing, face painting, creating dioramas and sewing. One of her favorite Day of the Dead tradition is spending time with her family. Her pet peeve is people who do not look after their head stones. After all, headstone connect you to who you were and where you came from.

Art is the daughter of the skeletons favorite class because the work and homework is made up of tasks she loves doing. She does not like music class because her singing in no good. Skelita's favorite color is the color of marigold as marigolds are associated with the Day of the Dead. Families of the dead place marigolds at alters to celebrate their loved ones. Skelita's favorite food is sugar skulls that also usually decorate alters during Dia de lost Muertos.

Skelita Calavaras with Skeleton Torso!

You can see her spine, ribs, tailbone.

Skelita Calaveras Doll Review

KittiesMama was sent previews of the Scaris: City of Frights doll collection from Monster High. Included in this line was a Skelita Calaveras doll. Watch the video and get a sneak peak at the youngest make-up guru's video review of the doll from box art to actual doll.

Buy Monster High Skelita Calaveras

Monster High Travel Scaris Skelita Calaveras Doll (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Monster High Travel Scaris Skelita Calaveras Doll (Discontinued by manufacturer)

The Monster High Scaris City of Frights Skelita Calaveras doll is part of the deluxe travel assortment. The character of Skelita Calaveras was debuted in the Scaris doll line. Doll comes with skeleton torso and orange and black hair. Travel journal or sketch book is included with doll along with rolling suitcase. Skelita Calaveras represents the Day of the Dead.


Buy Monster High Skelita Calaveras Doll

Want to get your hands on a Skelita Calaveras doll. They will eventually be popping up on eBay. Check back for current eBay auctions for Skelita Calaveras.

Skelita Calaveras Signature Style

Skelita Calaveras clothes are influenced by Latino traditions and have an East LA twist.

Skelita wears a traditional looking skirt influenced by bold colors and decorative designs influenced by Papel picado (a paper craft used for Day of the Dead decorations). The shirt appears to be vertabae design infused with a floral pattern. The floral design hints at the marigold theme from the Day of the Dead tradition.

New Faces from the Scaris: City of Frights Line

Making their first appearance in the Monster High series of dolls, alongside Skelita Calaveras, is Jinafire Long and Catrine DeMew.

Jinafire Long
Daughter of the Chinese Dragon, Jinafire Long, is an international student competing for the chance to apprentice with Madame Ghostier alongside Clawdeen Wolf.

Catrine DeMew
Catrine DeMew is part of the Scaris: City of Frights doll line. She is a Walmart exclusive doll.

What do you think of this the latest doll to join the Monster High family. Is Skelita Calaveras a keeper?

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