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China Girl Costume

Updated on September 13, 2014
Official Disney China Girl Costume from Oz the Great and Powerful
Official Disney China Girl Costume from Oz the Great and Powerful | Source

Oz the Great and Powerful China Girl Costume

Now there are official Adult Oz the Great and Powerful China Girl Costumes on the market and official China Girl costume dresses for girls. You can choose to purchase official products or create your own China Girl costumes.

Creating your own China Girl costume based on the character in the Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful does not need to be difficult. You need a few simple items to the China Girl look for your next costume party. Face paint and makeup will help aid you in this transformation along with a few key clothing selections.

Find costume advice, suggestions and makeup tips to create a magical Oz the Great and Powerful China Girl costume.

Image:China Girl Costume for Girls

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China Girl Costume Analysis

China Girl is a character in the new Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful. She is an orphan from a town where the inhabitants were all made of china. China Girl journeys through the land of oz with Oscar Diggs.

China Girl has a white porcelain complextion. Her neck, chest, arms, hair all have thin cracks running through them. These cracks are a visual reminder how fragile China Girl can be. Her cheeks are rosy, her lips a deep read, and her eyes are big and blue. To create the China Girl look you will need to rely heavily on makeup to construct the costume.

China Girl's dress falls at the knees. It features short sleeves and ruffled trim along the bottom of the A line skirt. The dress is a muted blue with a white lace overlay with a delicate pattern. Her belt is blue and white stripes. Her shoes are simple black flats with a strap across the top. To cosplay the Oz the Great and Powerful Girl you will need to stick to muted blue tones and delicate fabrics.

Disney Sweet China Girl Dress

Disney has come up with a beautiful costume dress for China Girl with puffed sleeves, a ribbon belt, with lace design.

China Girl Costume Dress

You do not have have to have every element of China Girl's dress to get her look. The overall look can be achieved by focusing on the color and dress length.

If you find a skirt that is knee length and the right color but does not have the lace detailing China Girl's dress does have you can still use it. Pair it with a similar colored scoop neck top.

Work with what you have to achieve your China Girl costume. After all, the makeup will be the crucial part to your China Girl costume.

If you have an eye for detail and you have some sewing ability you may try to construct own China Girl dress out of a muted blue material. As for me, sewing is not in my skill set so I would focus on using what I have on hand or purchasing a dress that would serve my purposes.

Costume Wig for Your China Girl Costume - Costume Details

Womens Platinum Peggy Sue Halloween Costume Wig - One Size Fits All
Womens Platinum Peggy Sue Halloween Costume Wig - One Size Fits All

The Womens Platinum Peggy Sue Halloween Costume Wig is made out of 100% Kanekalon.

The costume wig makes a great accessory for your China Girl costume because it features bangs and a flip style at back of head.


Mary Jane Black Flat Shoes for China Girl Costume

China Girl in the Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful wears flat black shoes.

You can find a pair of black Mary Jane shoes is your daughters closet, purchase a pair. You could even check out second hand stores to find something that will work and finish off your china girl doll look.

Doll Makeup Tutorial

This video shows you how to create an inspired Oz the Great and Powerful China Girl. This doll makeup tutorial will give you a starting point that you can adapt to get the china girl look you want. Follow the instructions on how to create the white doll complexion.

Oz Porcelain Doll Inspired Make up Tutorial

Costume Make-up Application

China Girl has a shiny glass face. To achieve this look you will want to start by making sure face in well hydrated by adding moisturizer all over the face before you start with the face paint and makeup. Sponge on some white face paint and evenly cover your face. Make sure you blend the face paint out. Use a translucent powder to seal in the face paint and give your face a more finished appearance.

Next you will need to concentrate on the details of China Girl's makeup. Her apples of her cheeks are lit with a hint of pink. So you will need to add some pink blush to the apples of the cheek. Her lips are a dark red so the lips will need to be completely colored in.

China Girl has big beautiful blue eyes. You may want to consider using blue contacts to alter your own eye color. Apply a light colored eyeshadow to your eye lids. Line the upper lash line with a black or grey eye pencil. Slightly blend the eye liner to get a softer look. Finally add mascara to lashes.

Note: If you plan on using contacts you should apply them prior to starting your makeup application.

Circular Contacts for China Girl

Circle contacts make eyes look bigger. Unlike regular contact lenses that only tint the area that will cover the iris Circle lenses have an outer darker tinted ring on the lens. These lenses are ideal for creating a big eye doll look that is needed to transform into China Girl from Oz the Great and Powerful.

China Girl has big blue eyes so you will need to purchase blue circle contact lens to make your eyes appear more doll like.

China Girl Costume Details

We see China Girl's china construction throughout her body. While it easy to cover you face with white face paint to get that china appearance it might be a bit harder to cover your arms, legs and neck with face paint. In those instances you might consider an alternative approach to turning your skin into china.

You can wear white tights under your blue muted dress to create the china appearance. To cover your arms and neck you could find a white long sleeved turtleneck shirt to wear under your dress.

For added detail you can use fabric markers to draw tiny cracks in your china arms and legs. This will give your Oz the Great and Powerful China Girl costume added authenticity.

Oz the Great and Powerful Costumes

There are lots of unique and interesting characters that emerge in the new Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful. Choose one from the list to cosplay.

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Fans of Glinda the Good Witch of the South from the movies Oz the Great and Powerful and the Wizard of Oz will look radiant dressed up in a Glinda costume.

Theodora Costume
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Wizard of Oz Oscar Diggs Costume
Drop into the Emerald City dressed in an Oz the Great and Power Oscar "Oz" Diggs costume. To get the costume look you will need to travel back into the early twentieth century fashion files.

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