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Wizard of Oz Oscar Diggs Costume

Updated on October 24, 2016

Oscar "Oz" Diggs Costume

The Wizard of Oz Oscar "Oz" Diggs costume will be a must have costume for male fans of the movie Oz the Great and Powerful in 2013.

Find historical costume advice and Wizard of Oz costumes to turn yourself into Oscar Diggs the Wizard of Oz at your next costume party.

Oscar "Oz" Diggs Costume Analysis

Oscar Diggs is a conman and womanizer from Kansas who is transported to the Land of Oz with the aid of a hot air balloon and a tornado. There he meets three witches: Theodora, Evanora and Glinda. In Oz he finds himself the subject of a prophesy that a magical Wizard of Oz will save the people of Oz. With the aid of Finley, China Girl and Glinda Oz fulfills his destiny becoming the great and powerful Oz.

Oscar "Oz" Diggs costume in the film Oz the Great and Powerful is similar to the costume the older Oz wears in film the Wizard of Oz; though, the costume is not has bright. The young Oz wheres a dark suit with a longer jacket. His vest and bow tie are both dark grey/ black. He pairs a white long sleeved skirt with his 3 piece suit. The ensemble is made more grand with the top hat that Oz wears throughout the film. Oz brings his travel bag with him to Kansas but has the flying monkey Finley carry it for him throughout the movie.

Oz has dark hair with waves in it. He has a slight brown mustache with some facial hair on the chin. You will want to add these details to your costume to give yourself a more authentic Wizard of Oz Oscar Diggs costume look.

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Cosplay Oscar "Oz" Diggs - Jacket and Vest Sewing Pattern

Oscar Diggs comes from Kansas in 1905. In the movie Oz the Great and Powerful he refers to his clothing as second hand so we can assume he is not wearing the latest fashions. So his attire would fall into the late 19th or early 20th century. We are able to deduce that Oz would most likely be wearing a frock coat with a vest.

If you are good with a needle and thread you can sew yourself a Wizard of Oz costume suit by following the men's jacket pattern from 1850 - 1915.

Oscar Diggs "Oz" Costume Look

There is no official Oscar Diggs costume available from the Oz the Great and Powerful movie but you can still make the transformation into the younger Oz by donning a black 3 piece suit. You can uses a black suit already in your wardrobe for the costume or you can purchase a Abraham Lincoln costume as a base for your costume. Most Lincoln costumes will come with jacket, vest, top hat and bow tie. These items are what you will need to make the Oscar Diggs transformation.

See Oz the Great and Powerful in Action

Check out Oscar Diggs attire in the Disney trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful

Wizard of Oz Costume

This Wizard of Oz costume does not reflect the style of a dapper young Oz. This costume was created to represent an older Oz seen in the the film the Wizard of Oz. It looks like Oscar Diggs will adopt a more colorful and casual look as he spends more time in Land of Oz.

Wizard of Oz Deluxe Costume X-Large
Wizard of Oz Deluxe Costume X-Large

The Wizard of Oz costume features a green jacket, plaid pants, and top hat. The pants are more whimsical than Oz wears in Oz the Great and Powerful. They give a more fun relaxed look to the character.

You will also get the bright pattered vest with a white shirt front and black ascot. I like the pop of color the vest adds to the Oz costume giving it more visual interest.


Official Wizard of Oz Costume

Based on the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz this Oz costume reflects how an older Oz appears in the Emerald City. The costume is similar the one that the young Oz wears when he arrives in the Land of Oz depicted in the movie Oz the Great and Powerful; though, he had added some green in his suit's color palette. Perhaps to reflect the Emerald City?

Rubies Mens Wizard of Oz Adult Costume
Rubies Mens Wizard of Oz Adult Costume

The Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz costume is made out of 75% polyester and 25% foam material.

The Wizard of Oz suit features a jumpsuit with attached shirt, vest and bow tie, cuffs, jacket.and hat.

Costume is hand wash only and available in sizes standard and extra large.


Fake Mustache for Oz Costume

Oz the Great and Powerful has facial hair. He has a mustache and facial hair around the chin. You can get this look by using fake mustaches and/ or makeup.

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