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Christmas Gifts for Millionaires

Updated on August 23, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide - What to Buy For Millionaires

It's not always easy buying for a millionaire in the family. What can you buy someone who truly has everything or who could afford it? You have to buy quality gifts. You have to buy interesting gifts. You have to be imaginative. If you are, (unfortunately), not a millionaire, you have to be really inventive.

Christmas is coming fast now. How did you make out last season? Now is the time to really think about taking your gift giving ability to the next level. Study the lens and get ready to do your best. It's the thought that counts so get thinking. Get creative. Get busy. Your millionaire really needs a great gift and you can be the one to provide if you follow the tips in this lens. Good luck!

Most millionaires enjoy the quality gold, gems and luxury gifts but they want simple pleasures as well. If you are a poor relative, you can give the millionaire time. Promise to take the Bentley out to have it washed for him. Offer to clean up the millionaire's ski chalet, yacht or beach house. Beware, however: you might have to spend a few days there to get the job done right. Take on those hard labor jobs that the millionaire can't do, doesn't have the time for or can't find a reliable service person to do. You would be happy to crush ice during the millionaire's next social party. You can supervise the pool cleaner and then check the swimming quality of the water. You would be happy to taste test the vintage wine and brandy before the millionaire's next important dinner meeting.

StickyNote to consider

"A million here, a million there, pretty soon you're talking real money" - Everett Dirksen

Kato Kaelin, the best friend of millionaires.

Maybe your millionaire would savor some quality time free from the distractions of staff, electronics, automatic watering systems. Offer to trade your house to him for a week. That way he will enjoy your carefree life and you will step in to take care of his modern troubles. Maybe he'll even gain insight into the ways of the Amish people thanks to you.

These are all great time savers that any millionaire would be happy to receive. Do it up right, though. Splurge at least $5 for some good quality paper. Print off a sincere-looking gift certificate that documents your dedication to the time saving task that you are giving as a gift. When you give the gift, make sure that you emphasize just how hard you will work at the task. Toast your important gift with some of the millionaire's best scotch to seal the deal.

Now, if you are lucky enough to have a trust fund, an annuity or a great job handling the millionaire's shopping, you might want to peruse the list of tangible gifts for the millionaire that you find below. They are fantastic items for the millionaires and those of us who would like to become one.

(Image By P. Davis (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Lamborghini Experience

Everyone, millionaires or not, would love to drive a fantastic sports car. Jeremy Clarkson shows us what it would be like. He gets behind the wheel and makes this baby roar. If you had a million dollars, wouldn't you love to get one yourself? If you don't have a million yet, wouldn't you like your rich friend to have one? You could be close the wheel of this yourself. When you are, you'll be ready for it after you watch the next clip.

Great Cars for Millionaires on YouTube

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Christmas gifts for millionaires - money
Christmas gifts for millionaires - money

Shown here is the old US $10,000 bill. While none have been made since 1946, they are still legal for trade. All but a few hundred have been withdrawn and destroyed by the government. The few left in circulation are likely in the hands of millionaires and may be given as gifts this Christmas season. Most people would be very pleased to receive one on Christmas Day.

You may be surprised to know that very high value notes like this were once made. In fact, there were $500, $1000, and even $100,000 bills made in the past. If you are like most people, you will rarely see a $20, let alone the big $50 or $100 bills. Luckily there are still $1 bills around, the workhorses of commerce.

Dodge Hemi Power

Truly an amazing machine, the Dodge 426 Hemi was a powerful V8 engine. Available in only a few models, and rarely shipped back in the day, this engine was rare when new. Since then, time has resulted in the gradual loss of many of these. Today, a millionaire would be hard pressed to get one in great condition. Still, it is worthy of suggestion if you know someone with the means to acquire such an amazing vehicle.

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