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Candles Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

Updated on December 13, 2012
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Candles Make Great Gifts!

Christmas is fast approaching us again and it is time to start planning ahead. Whether you like Christmas shopping or not, family members and friends expect gifts. You don't want to be labeled a scrooge, so it is better to start planning and saving before Christmas sneaks up on you. You also don't want to end up standing in a long line on Christmas Eve at Yankee Candle.

If you are not really in the shopping mood, or perhaps you've simply run out of good ideas, candles are always a great gift to give. Many candles are created specifically for Christmas. They may come with a nice Christmas or winter scene lamp shade, or perhaps they are a nice Christmas scent. No matter what, who couldn't use a candle?

People often light candles in the winter to get a sense of warmth. Also, since the windows can't be opened when it is cold outside, it is nice to light a candle to help with odors in the home. If all else fails, candles are perfect for using when the electric goes out. In a sense, a candle can be a very practical gift. Often, you do not even have to pay a lot for a candle. You may even opt to give a gift basket full of candles.

Bayberry Candles

Do you want to give the gift of good luck to someone this year? We could all stand to have a little good luck and good fortune come our way soon. Bayberry candles are traditionally burnt on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. When a friend gives you a bayberry candle, you light it on either of those days and do not put it out. It must burn itself out. The process usually takes about 6 hours.

After burning the candle, it is said to give the recipient good luck, good health, and good fortune for the new year. What a thoughtful gift to give to a friend! Not only is it an inexpensive gift, it is a sweet idea to give it to someone else. These candles also make perfect gifts for co-workers, too.

Give a Fun Holiday Candle

Whether you are involved in a gift exchange at work or just need some nice last minute gifts, a holiday candle might be your best bet. Many Christmas candles come in adorable jars or include a festive lid. You can find candles that are anything from whimsical to completely weird. Your friends, co-workers, and family members will appreciate a unique and fun candle from you.

Don't forget candle holders with reindeer, a snow scene, or Santa are also great ideas. Make sure to get a small red or green candle to place in the holder. Then you have a great small gift for your friend or co-worker!

Food Scented Candles

Some candles smell so good you will want to eat them. Candles that are food scented continue to grow in popularity each Christmas. Instead of giving someone cupcakes for Christmas, why not give them cupcake scented candles? Instead of actually baking an apple pie, you can just burn an apple pie scented candle. Food scented candles are usually really cute and sometimes even look like the actual food it is intended to smell like.

It is a good idea to find out what scents the recipient really enjoys. Does he or she have a favorite food? What about a favorite scent? It never hurts to snoop a little to see what type of shower gels that person uses. That will usually indicate a favorite scent. You can also take note if you are walking through a restaurant or food court, and your friend makes a statement like, "Ummm... cinnamon smells so nice." You know a cinnamon roll candle is a great gift idea.

Make a Candle Gift Basket

If you have a friend that really loves candles, you might want to consider giving a candle gift basket. Find out her favorites scents and start collecting the candles today. What will really make a gift basket stand out is if you include a few other cute items. Candy, small stuffed animals, and perhaps some shower gels are always a great addition to any candle gift basket.

I personally save pretty tissue paper from other gifts that is in good shape to use for projects like this. Why waste tissue paper when it can be reused? You can stuff that in the basket along with the rest of the items to give it a fuller look. Baskets are available at a reasonable price at many craft stores, such as Michael's and A.C. Moore. In no time, you can take some of these ideas and create an awesome Christmas gift for just about anyone.


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