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Christmas: Where It All Began

Updated on November 29, 2011

Christmas where it all began.
You probably think it started as a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Well, you would be wrong in that thought.

Centuries before Christ was born people
celebrated the Winter Solstice.
People would gather and celebrate that the
worst part of the winter was passing and that they had managed
to survive another winter. Remember they didn't have central heating back then. Plus winters were much worse then they are now. So this was a big deal back in the day.

This celebration would take place around
December 21st or the 22nd every year.Real close to when we celebrate now. Many different cultures would celebrate their own individual festivals.

In the fourth century Church officials decide to honor the birth of Christ. So The Pope
selected December 25th for it to be celebrated on. Why? Who knows for sure.
Historians believe this was done to try and replace the Saturnalia
festival along with other pagan festivals though out the Empire.

As time went on, the new "holiday" was embrace through out the land. Over time Christmas morphed into what we have today. So, the reason we think we celebrate Christmas is based on a lie. But that's okay. I accept gifts based on truth or lies. Come on Santa, I want that Vette this year. If Santa won't give me a Vette, Please send your donations to.....................................


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